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At GWL/Power, we help the worldwide community to produce and store electric energy by means of many products for DC solutions. We welcome customers from Europe and all around the world to work with us.
Latest News

Visit CALB and GWL/Power at eCarTec 2014 - October 21st to 23rd

Visit CALB and GWL/Power at eCarTec 2014 - October 21st to 23rd
GWL/Power in co-operation with CALB is inviting all customers, partners, friends and supporters to visit the CALB + GWL Booth at eCarTec 2014 show in Munich. It is one of the few chances to meet us face to face. We welcome all customers, fans and friend to see us and talk to us. Check more details about the eCarTec 2014 in Munich, Germany. Check also the special promotion of the CALB cells.

GWL/Power on Twitter - keep following us for updates

GWL/Power on Twitter - keep following us for updates
Keep following GWL/Power at Twitter! With growing number of customers we look for new channels to be in touch with our friends, fans and supporters. The Twitter was chosen to give you updates and links to the news, products and support articles. We hope the Twitter account will be a good way to make it easier to stay tuned into the many things we keep doing at GWL. Come and join in following us on Twitter!

Take the opportunity to sunny days - use solar panels!

Solar panels in stock
Many distributors underestimated the interest for panels, but GWL/Power is prepared and has a large amount IN STOCK in Prague warehouse. The most favorite model are available now: Mono 80Wp and 250Wp, Poly 250Wp and 300Wp. As a great combination we recommend to use MicroInverter GridFree with solar panel in in a preferred kits GF-KIT230 and GF-KIT230-M.

New wireless a power consumption display

New wireless a power consumption display
Advantageous tools for measuring your power consumption at home. MIEO HA-102 and HA-104. These tools are very simple and easy to use. Main advantage of them is wireless communication between main unit and measuring sensor. It is not necessary to break wiring to install them. With HA-104 you can even store data in computer. The best and cheap way how to monitor energy consumption. Before you start thinking about GridFree solar system, you can analyze how big system you will need.
More information about product in details of products HA-102 and HA-104.

The single cells charges: 3.6V 5 Amp and 3.6V 18 Amp

The single cells charges:  3.6V 5 Amp and 3.6V 18 Amp
Proper charging of the LiFePO4 cells is a must. The single cell chargers allow charging of single LFP cells directly. GWL offers two models: 3.6V/5Amp (POW4V5A) and 3.6V/18Amp (POW4V20A2). These chargers should be used to make the initial charging of the LFP cells. They can also be used for individual cell balancing inside the battery pack. Every person working with LiFePO4 technology should have these chargers at hand to charge the cells properly.

New solar panels Schutten on stock

New solar panels Schutten on stock
We have new MONO solar panel 250Wp with black frame. Great option on the roof of your house. We also get new 300Wp POLY solar panel. This panel replaces less powerfull version 290Wp Poly. Both of these solar panels are great in combination with Microinverters GridFree. Think about saving money with the best solution Solar panel + Microinverter GridFree.

New delivery of Winston battery cells

Winston battery cells in stock
Our warehouse in Prague have just got new present for all our customers. New delivery of Winston Battery cells. In next days you can expect availability of these models in high volume at our eshop: LFP040AHA, LFP060AHA, LFP160AHA, LFP300AHA, LP12V40AH. Get what you need right now.

New smart products IN STOCK - SDS modules

New smart products IN STOCK - SDS modules
We just added very popular and high quality Czech products to offer. That are SDS modules, which means "Network Monitoring System". These smart devices you can use to monitor consumption of energy, gas, water in your flat or house. However, SDS can do much more. Can be used to measure power "production" from your "Solar System". All measured values you can see online via any smart device (phone, tablet, TV etc.). SDS module can also control other devices connected to available relays. Different models for different purpose. Check all available products right here: SDS MICRO DIN E R2, SDS MICRO LIGHT E ARK, SDS MICRO LIGHT IO6 R6
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