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At GWL/Power, we help the global community to produce and store electric energy by means of many DC products and solutions. We welcome everybody from Europe and all around the world to work with us.

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Check the GWL/Power at Twitter! We are publishing latest news and updates for the DC power and energy solutions. See what is new, learn about our projects and more. Click here to follow GWL/Power at Twitter.

Slow down your electricity meter legally!


Reduce the consumption from the public grid by getting a part of the energy from the sun-shine. This concept is called the GridFree. Learn more how to Slow down your electricity meter legally!.

Smart agile electric car for two

Smart agile electric car for two
We extend our offer of pure electric cars by new price resonable compact and agile car GWL/Smarty designed for city. GWL/Smarty is hologated for public roads in EU and the power consumtion is only 10kWh/100 km. The next main advantage of GWL/Smarty is you can specify the needed range by capacity of battery pack. 72V/90AH battery corresponds to about 60 km range or there is possible to travel about 140 kilometers with 72V/200Ah battery pack.
More details about GWL/Smarty.

EVSE KIT v1.1 - Make your own charging station at home

EVSE KIT v1.1 - Make your own charging station at home
Smart, Simple, Small. Three "S" for main features of NEW EVSE KIT v1.1 intended for wallbox installation. Be cool and make your own charging station at home/work for electric car. EVSE KIT v1.1 supports many EV like: Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi iMiev (Peugeon iOn, Citroen cZero), Opel Ampera, eGolf and others. It comes with read-made connectors so that no soldering is needed. Together with charging cables Mennekes or Yazaki you can complete it very quickly. See also the EVSE section at GWL/Power blog.

New models of MPPT solar regulators - IN STOCK!

New models of MPPT solar regulators - IN STOCK!
Few months ago we introduced you new EPsolar regulators. It took just a while and we have models even for smaller installations now. We have available 10A and 20A model in stock now. Together with solar panel and batteries you are able to make simple and effective island system good enough for: cabin in mountains, campervans and much more.
Start to use green energy with further EPsolar products and use clear energy.
Small hint for you. Regulators require installation of LCD display MT-50.

New single cell charger (3,6V, 20A) for LiFePO4 on STOCK!

New single cell charger (3,6V, 20A) for LiFePO4 on STOCK!
We have in stock high current 3.2V/20A single cell charger. It can charge any 3.2V LiFePO4 rechargeable cell. This charger can be used for any LiFePO4 cell to make the initial charging to reach 3.65V level. Check more details and order on-line here!.

High current SBM boards for your projects

High current SBM boards for your projects
New SBM modules for 4 LiFePO4 cell (SBM04/16H) and 8 LiFePO4 cells (SBM08/40H) offer high peak current capability - up to 80A peak at SBM04/16H and up to 150A at SBM08/40H makes these boards very suitable for high-current application. The new SBM module for 24 LiFePO4 cells (SBM24/40) is specially designed for powerful EV-Bike, eScooter or other projects using 72V.

Refreshing July offer of cells

Refreshing July offer of cells
Special July promotion chosen medium sized cells is running!

Leading the offer are black Sinopoly and yellow Winston. Only last pieces of WINA and CALB SE cells remains, hurry up.

Medium size cells are oftenly chosen in smaller energy storage or EV car conversion projects. They offer the perfect compromise of capacity and size.
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