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Video: Installing BMS123 Smart to 4 Winston Battery cells

Video demonstration of SmartBMS123 connection to LiFePO4 cell pack and overview of its Bluetooth App on Android and iOS.

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Next award goes to Czech Sustainable Houses

Next award goes to Czech Sustainable Houses
The story of Czech Sustainable Houses continues, first awarded by UN and now directly by EU Committee for its help in Sustainable Energy field. And there is more coming, with plan of first house completed later this year.

Check more at the original post.

We are proud to be the Main partner of Czech Sustainable Houses!

New economical Dual latching Smart Relay for BMS123Smart

Awaiting product is finally on stock. Smart Relay is the right product for overcharge/discharge protection. Designed exactly for BMS123Smart. Smart Relay will not drain your battery when operate. Consumes less than 0.5mA. Very easy and simple to install.

Video tutorial for connecting and charging cells

Learn how to connect the cells properly and perform initial charge in our first video of LiFePO4 series. In just 3 minutes, you will know all important basics before and during making your own pack.

Watch the video on YouTube

New Winston 130Ah cell soon on stock

New Winston LiFePO4 cell arrive soon with unique low height design. Capacity 130Ah but only 177mm high (40mm less than 100Ah version), ideal for solutions with limited height dimmensions. Original copper connectors are also available. We are collecting preorders even now, buy the new 130Ah cell now and get them first.
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