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Smart GridFree inverters with self control of output power

The new smart GridFree inverters for indoor instalations are equipped with limiter. The limiter manage output power of the inverter according to the current consumption to stop any overflows to public grid. You can choose between inverter with output power 2000W (input 45 - 90V), 1000W (input 22 - 60V) or 1000W (input 45 - 90V). Use them now and enjoy start of sunny days in full without any worries.

The most powerful EVBIKE set at the best price!

Special limited offer of our most powerful engine EVBIKE 48V 1000W with high-capacity battery, quick charger, display and gearsensor for best price. This is complete set, all you need to make your own EVBIKE.

12V LiFePO4 bateries in SLA design with monitoring

Enjoy advantages of 12V GreenEye LiFePO4 batteries in SLA design intended not only for direct replacement of GEL batteries to save long life of your appliances. The 12V GreenEye LiFePO4 batteries are provided in two versions with capacity 11Ah and 22Ah.
Both are equipped by PCM module to secure the cells inside against deep discharge and overcharge. This PCM module allows maximum discharge current up to 30A.
The PCM module supports Bluetooth 4.0 so you can monitor the battery status by GWL/GreenEye application in your smartphone. You can see the current capacity, voltage of each cell, charging/discharging current number of cycles, etc.
See more details at product page for 11Ah or 22Ah battery.

Battery Technology Training Seminar 2017

Become the battery specialist and visit GWL Power in Prague for the Battery Technology Training Seminar on 9th of March. More and more people realize the advantages of the LiFePO4 batteries. The proper installation and the correct way of the cell usage are the key factors for the long-time lifespan and the success of the battery powered projects. More informations >>

Advanced functions of 123 Smart BMS

The Extended Module for 123 Smart BMS with many advanced functions is now available. The module adds 4 configurable relays, 2 individual CAN bus connections, Elcon/TC Charger comm interface, support of J1772/IEC 62196 protocol for adaptive charging and more to the 123 Smart BMS. See details on the product page.
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