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GWL attended Czech fair ForArch 2018

We like to show LiFePO4 and Solar products to everyone, last week in Prague on major Czech fair focusing on modern energy solutions.

See photos and short video.

Our little idea, PowerBox was shown along with live water boiling using LiFePO4.

Updated security of our e-shop

Updated security of our e-shop
We value security of all information shared and provided at our e-shop.

Shortly, our SSL encrypted protection will be updated, changing from current GWL Power Ltd. (GB)

After the change, you will see certificate made on our company EVPower a.s. and picture of "lock" instead. The security of connection remains as before, this is just cosmetic change.

Our primary phone contact is changed

If you prefer phone communication, please note that our primary number have been changed.

New number to call is +420 277 007 550

With new number comes simplification of the actual phone calls, you will reach us much faster than before.

SLA vs. LiFePO4, extreme test of 12V bateries

What is the difference between SLA and LiFePO4 batteries? We have tested the 12V batteries in rather extreme conditions of high speed discharge. On one side, SLA technology on other our Winston 12V, results are not so surprising, the actual difference definetly is.

See the results on Youtube

Video: Boil water using single LFP cell

Have you ever tried to make your coffee using a single LiFePO4 cell? We did, and it works! Simple test using our 60Ah cell, little demonstration of 2C discharge rate in practise.

Watch the video on YouTube
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