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LiFePO4 cells in 26650 design and packs for easy connection

GWL Power introduce well made and price resonable LiFePO4 cells in 26650 design. You can choose between 3.2V 3Ah LFP cell, 3.2V 6Ah and 12Ah packs with wires to achieve higher capacity or voltage easy by serial or parallel connection of more packs. The same cells use also the 12V 3Ah battery pack with PCM module and 8A max. discharging current.

New EVBIKE batteries and chargers on stock!

New EVBIKE batteries and chargers on stock!! Batteries are available with capacity 36V 13Ah, 36V 15,6Ah a 48V 13Ah. Batteries are supporting fast charging, it means that you can choose between standard 2A or 5A fast charging. Batteries can be placed under the saddle, on the frame tube or into the bag, depends on your possibilities and preferences.

Establishing cooperation with Czech off-grid houses

April 2016, our company was approached by two young people with a common vision. With a vision of off-grid building that will be friendly to the environment and will also conform to current standard of living. Thanks to Pavel Podruh philosophy and commitment the project Czech Off-grid House originated.

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New GridFree kit available

Find our new GridFree: Kit of 2pcs of solar panel 270Wp + Microinverter 230V/500W (GF-KIT500-2P) which can produce up to 500 watts. The benefit of two panels is, that you can set every panels to different direction to schedule time of the highest energy production. This kit is also great way how to extend your current GridFree system.

New YC500 micro-inverter version

Notice new version of known micro-inverter YC500T (GF-YC500T) which differs to the old YC500 (GF-YC500) mainly by its AC connection. Now the YC500T has no more two AC cables (input for connection of other units and output) but just one. AC is now connected to bus (trunk) cable which connect all units together. This way is more convenient especially while you need to unplug or replace a single unit somewhere in the middle of the string for any reason. This new version also comes with higher level of water resistance - IP67 (the old version has IP65). All required accessories like a bus cable, caps for empty connectors etc. are available.
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