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New Winston 130Ah cell soon on stock

New Winston LiFePO4 cell arrive soon with unique low height design. Capacity 130Ah but only 177mm high (40mm less than 100Ah version), ideal for solutions with limited height dimmensions. Original copper connectors are also available. We are collecting preorders even now, buy the new 130Ah cell now and get them first.

LiFePO4 Pouch cells

Pouch cell with LiFePO4 technology inside as the ideal compromise of power and size. Unlike majority of LiFePO4 cells, NPB100AH are the choice for small sized yet high capacity solution.

Simple combination of 16 cells forms near 5kWh energy storage at just 38kg weight.

Discover our universal two channels iCharger Duo IC4010D

Charging, discharging and balancing - all wrapped up in this unique iCharger Duo IC4010D.The maximum charge/discharge current up to 40A. Multifunction features, intelligent fan control, temperature and anti-spark protections, regenerative mode, 2.8-inch LCD screen, friendly interface.

Winter price drop of PV modules

Winter arrived and we discount PV modules again. During this time we offer PV modules for special prices. Prices of almost all PV modules drop.

Enjoy this shopping fever and order modules before the stock go out.

Whole palette of PV modules available

Find our new offer to buy whole palette of PV modules. The pack includes 24 pcs of GWL/Sunny-270P with rated power 270 Wp for incredible price. It is only for 0,399 EUR/Wp! Those high quality modules has very common dimensions: 1640 x 992 mm and frame thickness is 40 mm. Thake an advantage of shipping cost for whole pack as well.
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