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Selectable LFP/LTO chargers with BMS support

GWL Power brings to european market unique product with resonable price again! The new chargers are possible to set for LFP or LTO type of battery. The chargers also support 3 stage charging profile with full, low or no charging current by information from BMS. There are available chargers for nominal voltage 12V/20A, 24V/20A or 48V/10A.

Tesla battery for free from GWL Power

The original TESLA batteries Just Energy are now available from GWL Power. You can order the 1.5V alkaline cells in LR6 (AA) with capacity 2700 mAh or LR03 (AAA) with capacity 1200 mAh form factor. More over you can obtain these TESLA batteries for free. Just order goods for more then 50USD and add these batteries in your basket.

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website
Dear customers,
Welcome to our new website and enjoy responsive design for your mobile phone and tablet, easier navigation and upgraded visuals. Having trouble while shopping? Please let us know! Meanwhile, you can use previous version old.ev-power.eu.

12V LiFePO4 bateries with monitoring

GWL/Power introduce 12V GreenEye LiFePO4 batteries in SLA design intended not only for direct replacement of GEL batteries to save long life of your appliances. The 12V GreenEye LiFePO4 batteries are provided in two versions with capacity 11Ah and 22Ah.
Both are equipped by PCM module to secure the cells inside against deep discharge and overcharge. This PCM module allows maximum discharge current up to 30A.
The PCM module supports Bluetooth 4.0 so you can monitor the battery status by GWL/GreenEye application in your smartphone. You can see the current capacity, voltage of each cell, charging/discharging current number of cycles, etc.
See more details at product page for 11Ah or 22Ah battery.

Li-Pol 10Ah pouch cell with high energy density

Are you searching for price resonable cells for lightweight application? We tested and prepared for you great 10Ah cell using Li-Ion Polymer technology with high energy density 171Wh/kg. The cell is also capable to provide 50A continuous discharge current and 10A charging current. Continue to product page for more details.
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