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New promo gifts on stock!

Are you thinking about the small gifts? Enjoy the offer of new promo products! We have recently stocked these 4 new promo products.

Whole palette of PV modules available

Find our new offer to buy whole palette of PV modules. The pack includes 24 pcs of GWL/Sunny-270P with rated power 270 Wp for incredible price. It is only for 0,399 EUR/Wp! Those high quality modules has very common dimensions: 1640 x 992 mm and frame thickness is 40 mm. Thake an advantage of shipping cost for whole pack as well.

Frame battery are available on the stock !

The most popular batteries in the frame are in stock! The long-awaited 36-volt battery with capacity 13Ah is here. The battery excels with its sturdy design on a high-quality holder that is placed instead of a bottle holder. By placing the battery in the center of the bike, an optimal center of gravity is achieved. The battery is equipped with an anti-theft lock, and after unlocking it can be easily removed from the holder, for example, when charging or transporting.

The new highly efficient solar panels are available on the stock

We have recently stocked the entirely new type of highly efficient solar panel GWL/Sunny Mono 300Wp 60 cells. With the standard size (1640 x 992 x 40 mm), it achieves 300 Wp (efficiency 18.35%), contains standard 60 cells. It is suitable for GridFree systems, as well as for more extensive installations. Its available immediately.

Our small PV panels arrived!

Our small PV panels are available on stock again!
Specifically, it is about polycrystalline PV modules with nominal voltage 18 V from 20Wp to 150Wp:
  • GWL/Sunny-20P - Poly 20Wp module you can use e.g. for connection with REG12/3P to charge your 12V battery
  • GWL/Sunny-40P - Poly 40Wp module for smaller applications. You can supply you LED lightning, BTS or anything else. For sure you can stack more modules together to reach higher power. Then you can use e.g. REG-LS2024EU (with even USB charger output.
  • GWL/Sunny-150P - Poly 150Wp module for installation ontop of your caravan, yacht or anywhere else where you might be limited by area or PV module weight.

  • Wish you sunny days!
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