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Shipping delay for batteries

Shipping delay for batteries
Our shipping partner TNT is currently dealing with issues left after global cyber attack they suffered. This currently prevents transport of Dangerous Goods (such as our LiFePO4 batteries) and result in severe delay of delivery to all addresses. We are working together with TNT to find a solution. Meanwhile please accept our apology for the delay in delivery of our Batteries to your adress.

At this moment we do not have estimation when the shipments of batteries will be restored to standard delivery times.

Czech Off-Grid houses, awarded by UN

Since 2016 we are closely cooperating with Czech Off-Grid houses project. Self-sustainability and enviromental friendliness is the path GWL undertake from the start. Czech Off-Grid houses is logical partner, by accelerating the process of technology involvement. Their hard work was recently acknowledged by UN and their Sustainability and Social Responsibility Award in Czech Republic. Read more >>

Original connectors for green ZG cells now available

The very popular LiFePO4 cells ZG 20Ah and ZG 60Ah cells are equipped by screw terminals and nuts. All what you need are the connectors. The original copper flexible terminal connectors are suitable for EV application due to the flexible design as well as for the energy storages. Order the connectors for 20Ah cells and for the 60Ah cells.

Single cell charger for initial charging

The initial charging is key factor for long term balanced LiFePO4 battery pack after you purchase the cells! Each LiFePO4 cell is charged for only 40 - 60% due to transportation rules. All cells in pack must be charged in full before first use. The single cell chargers are suitable for the initial charging. GWL Power brings you new single cell 3.65V 5A charger for resonable price. Please see more details on product page.

Complete EVBIKE set with just one click!

We've created a special set of the most popular central 250W motor with 13Ah battery and display with USB output. This is complete set , all you need to make your own EVBIKE
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