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GWL Annual Report 2018

The Year 2018 is history, join us in a brief look back and see how we helped thousands of You to get yours new Lithium batteries and also a little sneak peek of things to come in 2019.

PDF file: GWL in 2018 and onwards

Want to see a bit more about our history? Learn more at About Us page where you may find all Annual Reports and details.

GWL Power USB flash drive

Do you like Winston design? You can buy ours little Winston battery like USB flash drive for everyday use. Miniature Winston cell on your keys always ready for use.

On USB flash drive is short video about us.
Capacity 8 GB

Winston 12V sets

Choose from all capacity versions from 480Wh to 8,4kWh. Our sets comes with all primary parts included, BMS123 and its Bluetooth mobile monitoring, terminal connectors, surge protection and plastic caps. Save the time picking the compatible parts and simply choose what capacity you need.

All Winston sets can be easily expanded by purchasing additional cells and BMS123 cell units, we will be happy to assist you with expansion to 24V, 48V or higher packs.

New pouch cells on stock

Compared to conventional prismatic, pouch cells have 60% higher energy density. Good choice for custom build packs placed in firm box or applications with strict weight limitations.
All major advantages of LiFePO4 are valid, long lifetime (minimum 3000 cycles), absolutely safe Lithium technology (no acids, non corosive, no explosive).

Available in two versions, 60Ah and 100Ah, on stock right now ready for shipping.

Check the Pouch cells on the shop.

Another 25 tonnes of Winston LiFeYPO4 arrived

Another month, another container full of Winston LiFeYPO4 cells is here. Expanding stock of 300Ah cells, 100Ah TALL cells, 12V/60Ah batteries or the largest 1000Ah cells.

Majority of Winston LIFeYPO4 products are now available on stock with immediate shipping.

See full offer of Winston cells.

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