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Single cell charger for initial charging

The initial charging is key factor for long term balanced LiFePO4 battery pack after you purchase the cells! Each LiFePO4 cell is charged for only 40 - 60% due to transportation rules. All cells in pack must be charged in full before first use. The single cell chargers are suitable for the initial charging. GWL Power brings you new single cell 3.65V 5A charger for resonable price. Please see more details on product page.

Complete EVBIKE set with just one click!

We've created a special set of the most popular central 250W motor with 13Ah battery and display with USB output. This is complete set , all you need to make your own EVBIKE

High capacity Li-Ion 18650 cells LG MH1 on stock

GWL Power introduces Li-Ion cells LG MH1 in 18650 design with high capacity 3200mAh. The next advantage of this cell is high output current 10A and also resonable price. The LG MH1 is suitable for making bigger battery packs. Please see more details on product page.

LiFePO4 cells in 26650 design and packs for easy connection

GWL Power introduce well made and price resonable LiFePO4 cells in 26650 design. You can choose between 3.2V 3Ah LFP cell, 3.2V 6Ah and 12Ah packs with wires to achieve higher capacity or voltage easy by serial or parallel connection of more packs. The same cells use also the 12V 3Ah battery pack with PCM module and 8A max. discharging current.

Solar panels with high efficiency

New season just started and we prepared new PV panels for you!
There are available new photovoltaic panels with same dimensions but higher power. You can use fully black Monocrystalline 280 Wp solar panel, standard and fully black version of Polycrystalline 270 Wp solar panels and last but not least 72cells Polycrystalline 320 Wp solar panels.
Bear in mind the spring sunshine and do not waste the free energy!
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