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About Us

"The one whose main goal is the financial profit can never be successful."

GWL Power is an investment holding owned by GWL POWER Ltd. We are a joint-stock company with a yearly turnover of more than USD 20 million.

The group’s business activities go back to 1994 when operations were started as a private business company. Since 2002 we have been the leading telecommunication - networking distributor in the Czech Republic (Europe) with continuous growth and expansion. Since 2007 we have focused on energy solutions - DC Power system, solar panels, GridFree technology, automotive as well as energy storage related components.
We are now the leading distributor of high-power energy solutions based on lithium iron technology.


We specialize in customized solutions for our global customers. We are among the TOP 100 leading IT companies in the Czech Republic and have received the CZECH Stability Award, which evaluates the stability of the company and awards grades on financial and non-financial indexes. We were awarded the high grade of AAA, which means excellent stability, putting us in the top 2% of Czech companies.

EuropeOur customers
We have a customer base of 1000+ European customers who regularly buy energy/power solutions and products from us and another 1000+ customers who we support by our products and knowledge in their special projects. Because of our many advantages, our main customers are from Germany, Italy, France and other European countries. You can see what they said about cooperation with us.

Our products
We import large capacity LiFePO4 batteries with over 5,000,000 Ah sales in 2013, PV solar panels, Microinvertors, LED bulbs and related electronics from original equipment manufacturers in China or Taiwan.
Our operations include 3,800 m2 of warehouse area, our own technical service department, training center and customer support center. In order to meet our customer’s needs we develop and market our own products designed either by our own engineers or by partner subcontractors. Such products include special design management equipment, high-power chargers, and more.


History of GWL and important milestones (click on picture to enlarge):

Market sectors
  • Electric vehicles, EV cars, hybrid buses, e-bikes, electric scooters
  • Electric boats, ships, catamarans, submarines
  • Mobile homes, campers and trailers
  • Small solar applications
  • Large PV installations - off grid power supplies
  • Smart-grid solutions – energy storage and balancing
  • Backup systems, UPS, generators
  • High power chargers
  • Telecommunication equipment, mobile phone operator base stations, networking power supplies
  • Civil, public and military emergency energy supplies
... and many others

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Our invitation
We invite you to cooperate with us. We fully trust in our capability to bring effective and quality solutions to all of our customers, including you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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