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GWL/Power BMS123 - BMS Main Controller

Manufacturer: GWL/Power
Art.#: BMS123-MC
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BMS123 - BMS Main Controller

Get the revolutionary BMS system now!

The 123BMS is the latest innovative solution for the lithium cell and battery pack monitoring and management. The 123BMS brings to you the complete system for charging and balancing or LiFePO4/LiFeYPO4 cells and batteries.

Simple installation, easy settings, easy and reliable operation.

In this fully modular system each cell is equipped with a small size circuit-board. Using only a single wire (or twisted wire) these boards are linked to the BMS Main Controller. The controller gathers all relevant data (the number of cells, cell-address, cell-voltage, cell temperature, bypass-current and total-voltage of the battery-pack) in order to control the operation of the battery pack.

The TOP reasons why to use the 123BMS

  • Monitoring and balancing function for each cell.
  • Small size board installed directly at the terminals of each cell.
  • Single wire communication. Easy to assemble the battery pack.
  • Excellent pricing ratio: robust and reliable system at good price.
  • Direct connection and management of the ELCON chargers (TC Charger models).
  • Simple wiring of the whole system designed for EV and storage markets.
  • Free PC based software to get the extended monitoring dash-board.

Concerning the BMS123 system, please study all available details here:

Practical installation tips:

Tip 1: You need to buy the individual BMS123 Cell Modules for each cell you wish to manage by the BMS. These Cell Modules are sold separately.

Tip 2: You need to buy the current sensor to work with the BMS Main Controller. You can choose 100A, 200A or 400A model based on your demands.

Tip 3: The BMS123 is only Battery MONITORING System. There is not any high-power battery contactor or disconnector supplied with the BMS. We suggest you buy suitable DC contactors for the disconnection of the batteries.

Tip 4: A maximum of 255 cells can be used. A note for high number of cells: Due to the serial communication between the cell modules and the BMS main unit, the time needed to get a message through that many cells slows down the response-time of the BMS Main unit and the PC-dashboard software.

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BMS123 - BMS Main Controller BMS123 - BMS Main Controller 424.35$
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