BMS123 Smart - Complete Set (4 cells) with Bluetooth 4.0

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GWL/Power BMS123 Smart – a complete solution for LFP and Li-Ion cells to make battery with Bluetooth monitoring and management using your smart phone, iPad, tablet or other device.

GWL/Power BMS123 Smart – simple, easy, smart

Advanced solution for battery monitoring and management system with LiFePO4 support and Bluetooth battery management.

Some versions Android 7.0 can have a problem with the connection through Bluetooth. We recommend using Android 7.1 and higher.

GWL/Power BMS123 Smart - Complete set package (4 cells) you will receive:

  • 1 pc. of cell IN module
  • 1 pc. of cell OUT module
  • 2 pc. of regular Cell modules (CM)
  • Cell modules interconnection wire
  • Two current sensors 100A (600A peak) to monitor Ingoing and Outgoing current independently

Check the GWL/Power BMS123 Smart product line.

The GWL/Power BMS123 Smart is a solution for monitoring and protection of all kinds of energy storage systems, battery banks, battery packs and other energy solutions. It was designed in view of the growing needs for the storage of energy from solar (PV) applications.

The GWL/Power BMS123 Smart brings you the complete system for monitoring of the charging, discharging and balancing of the LiFePO4/LiFeYPO4 cells with goal of reaching a complete protection of the batteries against deep discharge and overcharge.

Simple installation, easy settings, smart operation and maximum protection!

The GWL/Power BMS123 Smart is a fully modular system. Each cell of the battery equipped with one small size circuit-board. There are three types of cell circuit-boards needed for the installation. One IN board installed on the first cell, One OUT board installed on the last cell and a regular cell board on each cell between the first and the last cell.

For a battery pack made of 4 cells (12V) you need only one IN, one OUT module and two regular cell modules.

For a larger size battery packs (24V, 48V, etc) you just start with the Complete Set (of 4 cells) and you simply purchase additional number of the regular cell modules to install on additional cells in between the first and the last cell. It is easy to make a complete system for any number of cells!

Photo of the Cell IN module

Photo of the Cell OUT module

Example of the configuration of the battery packs:

  • 24V pack (with 8 pcs LiFePO4 cells): GWL/Power BMS123 Smart - Complete Set has 4 cells (1x First IN, 1x Last OUT, 2x Single CM) for additional 4 cells just buy 4 more Single Cell Modules (CM).
  • 48V pack (with 16 pcs LiFePO4 cells): ): GWL/Power BMS123 Smart - Complete Set has 4 cells (1x First IN, 1x Last OUT, 2x Single CM) for additional 12 cells just buy 12 more Single Cell Modules (CM).

Example of the configuration 2P4S (ex. 12V (2x100Ah)) battery packs:

For this installation you need again only 12V BMS set. Two cells in parallel are still just one cell.

Simple instillation right at the cell level

GWL/Power BMS123 Smart is really Smart: There is no Main Controller Unit for this BMS system! Everything is integrated at the cell modules directly. The IN and OUR cell modules contain all the hardware components for the basic operation of the whole BMS system. Additionally the OUT cell module gathers all relevant data and transmits them via Bluetooth 4.0 LE (low consumption) to your iOS or Android Tablet of Phone.

The Access to information about your battery pack was never easier. Monitor everything remotely, including daily PV production, daily energy consumption, or for example voltage of all cells at the single screen. Have complete overview of your home energy storage at you Smartphone or tablet!

Smart advantages of the GWL/Power BMS123

  • Small size board installed directly at the terminals of each cell
  • Single wire communication. Easy to assemble the battery pack
  • Simple wiring design of the whole system designed for energy storage markets
  • No additional Main Controller unit
  • No external battery is needed for operation; the BMS is powered directly from the battery pack
  • Detailed monitoring and balancing function for each cell independently
  • Check the status of all cells at single screen
  • Excellent pricing ratio: robust and reliable system at very competitive price
  • Adjustable integrated bi-stable low power relays allowing you to disconnect charger and load at predefined levels
  • Optional Free iOS or Android based software to get the extended monitoring dash-board

Simple installation, easy settings, easy and reliable operation.

The BMS123 Smart is not suitable for battery packs with LTO cells due to lowest voltage level 2V.

Concerning the GWL GWL/Power BMS123 Smart system please study all available details here:

GWL/Power BMS123 Smart solution uses the GWL/GreenEye Technology for Smart Monitoring over the Bluetooth Battery communication protocol.

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BMS123 Smart - Complete Set (4 cells) with Bluetooth 4.0 GWL/Power BMS123 Smart – a complete solution for LFP and Li-Ion cells to... 324.50$
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