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GWL/Power BMS2405 - current sensor (required accessory)

Manufacturer: GWL/Power
Art.#: BMS2405-CS
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BMS2405 - current sensor (required accessory)
Current sensor for SOC calculation (HASS 50S; -150A to 150A max measurable current). You need to order this item to have a complete solution for your BMS2405.
Weight (kg) 3,360
Height (mm) 218
Width (mm) 230
Depth (mm) 36
Nominal Voltage (V) 3,2
Capacity (Ah) 100
Max discharge current (A) 500 (<15sec)
Optimal discharge current (A) 33
Max charging current (A) 100
Optimal charging current (A) 33
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BMS2405 - current sensor (required accessory) BMS2405 - current sensor (required accessory) 29.00$
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