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DC Power Contactor 100A, Coil 24V, ZJ100S

Manufacturer: GWL/Power
Art.#: HZJ100S-24V
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Contactor - electrically controlled switch, 100A maximum current, coil supply 24V, designed for power switching circuits. Powerful electrically operated switch designed for DC voltage with a maximum current 100A.

Power supply coil 24V.
It contains one power switch contact and two low-voltage auxiliary changeover contacts.
This produt is very suitable for combination with GWL MPPT Solar controllers if 24V (8 cells) LiFePO4 battey pack is used. This contactor is also very recommended for use with BMS123-SOL to improve it's switching capability.

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DC Power Contactor 100A, Coil 24V, ZJ100S 19.44$
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