Simple Battery Management Board 4 cells (12V/16A)

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Art.#: SBM04/16H
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Protective and balancing circuit for LiFePO4 cells - for 4 cells in series, the total nominal voltage of 12,8 V, the balancing voltage 3.6V, continuous current 16A. Max peak current 80A.

Simple Battery Management Board (SBM)

The easiest way to protect a lithium battery pack. The SBM board manages a pack of cells and disconnects the load under any unfavorable circumstances: cell over voltage, cell under voltage.

The SBM is connected between the battery pack and the load and the charger. There are additional wires from single cells to the SBM to monitor each cell. (Marking of the contacts: B+/B- to connect to the battery; B1, B2, B3..... to connect to each cell; CH+/CH- to connect charger (optional); P+/P- the whole PACK (battery with SBM) output to the load.)

Check the PDF with detailed specification of the SBM boards and their installation.

See additional tips for the installation at the GWL/blog section for SBM

Voltage of the packs:

  • SBM for 4 cells 12V
  • SBM for 8 cells 24V
  • SBM for 12 cells 36V
  • SBM for 16 cells 48V
  • SBM for 24 cells 72V

Please observe the maximal current of the pack including the peak currents when starting or connecting the equipment.

Note: the balancing currents of the SBM boards are very low (only few milliamps), this means it is not possible to balance large capacity cells. We suggest using additional CBU modules to increase the balancing current of the cells.

Weight (kg) 0,022
Height (mm) 126
Width (mm) 47
Depth (mm) 9
Min. operating temperature (°C) -40
Max. operating temperature (°C) 85
Simple Battery Management Board 4 cells (12V/16A) Protective and balancing circuit for LiFePO4 cells - for 4 cells in series,... 24.15$
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