Charger 48V/30A for LiFePO4 / LiFeYPO4 (58.8V) + BMS con.

Manufacturer: GWL/Power
Art.#: POW48V30A/BLI
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Charger 48V/30A for LiFePO4 + BMS connector (AC 230V/10A, 16 cells, 4 batt) - no BMS included (!), only a connector to manage the charger

GWL/Power Lithium Battery Charger 48V/30A for LiFePO4 and Lipoly
(+ includes the management connector) – charging voltage 58.80 Volts

Fully automatic advanced processor-controlled lithium battery charger for 48V nominal voltage. Designed to be used with 16 pcs of LiFePo4 cells or 14 pcs of Lipoly cells with charging up to 58.80V. This charger includes the connector for connection to the BMS system.

This GWL/Power charger is an industrial battery charger for lithium batteries, that allows charging the lithium cells in a safe and reliable way.

* Input AC 230V
* Over-voltage protection
* Protection anti short circuit and reverse polarity
* Timing protection for failure of charge
* Active cooling - fan
* BMS option - connector for connect to the BMS (Battery Management System)
* Small size and low weight

Manual GWL-Power-POW48V30A-BLI_BMS-Spec.pdf

The specification of the BMS connector pins at GWL/Power blog.

Additional information about chargers at GWL/Power blog.

Application notes: Even though this charger is designed as a fully automatic charger, it is always recommended to operate this charger under continuous supervision and with additional monitoring of the charging parameters for the battery pack. It is necessary to make sure the cells of the battery pack will not be over-charged or misbalanced. We also suggest installing over temperature and fire protection alarms.

Weight (kg) 4,3
Height (mm) 87
Width (mm) 150
Depth (mm) 300
Nominal Voltage (V) 48
Max. voltage (V) 58,8
Charging current (A) 30
Charger 48V/30A for LiFePO4 / LiFeYPO4 (58.8V) + BMS con. Charger 48V/30A for LiFePO4 + BMS connector (AC 230V/10A, 16 cells, 4 batt) -... 345.00$
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