EVBIKE GearSensor - for front derailleur double chainwheel

Manufacturer: EVBIKE
Art.#: EVB-GS-FD
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Gear sensor for doule chainwheel is connects instead of brake lever connector. A special sensor technology inside monitors the move of the string when changing gears and momentarily disconnects the engine in order to achieve smooth gear change.
The Gearsensor (GS-FD) is a small assistant helping with gear change in bikes equipped with Double chainwheel 42/52. Connect the sensor to the string track leading from levers to derailleur. Then connect it to regulator / engine instead of the brake lever connector for sensing the braking.

The sensor GS-FD is suitable especially for bikes with a double chainwheel .

Why Gearsensor?

Despite all the indisputable benefits of hub engines on electric bikes changing gears does not provide such a comfort as other engines (front and rear). Specifically it is a matter of the engine torque transmission from the driven converter to the whole gear mechanism that makes gearing noisy and unpleasant with accompanying impacts at the time of repositioning the chain under the engine pull onto a different pinion. In case of multiple-gear hubs it is nearly impossible to change the gear without interrupting the pedaling, thus in case of an up-hill ride it is necessary to stop pedaling which in a small speed may cause a complete stop. And this is exactly what is solved by the gear sensor, allowing in the process of gear change disconnect the engine pull for the defined time in order to change gears smoothly. It also spares the individual components of the all gear mechanism, and as a bonus there is the change comfort similar to changing the gears on a normal bike. This process is controlled electronically and is a reaction to activation of move of the gear change lever.

Is the Gearsensor only a sensor for the move of the string?

Although it may seem that the gear sensor is a simple string sensor, it is not so. This component has been a subject of development for a number of years and the microprocessor inside the sensor evaluates huge data so that it may for example recognize between changing the gears and a normal move of string for example when riding on bumps.
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GearSensor - for front derailleur double chainwheel Gear sensor for doule chainwheel is connects instead of brake lever... 46.35$
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