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EVBIKE LED Display E12 for EVBIKE central motor 36/48V - USB, Bluetooth

Manufacturer: EVBIKE
Art.#: EVLED-CMS-E12
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LED display for central motors EVBIKE (36V and 48V versions). The display connect via Bluetooth with your Android smartphone. Use the application to view informations. The display is equipped USB output to charge the phone.
Revolutionary LED display for 250W and 750W central motors EVBIKE (Bafang BBS-01, BBS-02). Simply control it with your thumb. The display includes USB output (5V / 500mA) for charging phone. This is the smallest display for EVBIKE center drives.

Buttons control the basic system functions - activate or deactivate the system and the assistant level (0-4). The LED display shows the battery capacity. You can use and control the LED display without having to install and run the application. Activate walking assistance mode by pressing and holding the down arrow.

More information is available in the app after installing it on your Android phone. Thanks to the Bluetooth feature, you can make a full-fledged computer cycle from your mobile phone.

The display also meets the IP65 protection (dust and splash protection).

Warning: Application is only English language. Some features are not working, and some features are only compatible with the Bafang MaxDrive drive (not on offer, it is a drive integrated into a special frame). We'll keep you up to date with updates and new app features.

Fully functional information in the application:
  • current speed
  • battery capacity
  • power consumption W
  • power consumption A
  • traveled distance TRIP
  • traveled distance ODO
  • degree of assistance
  • ability to switch assistance
  • bluetooth connectivity

Download the app at this link.

Dimensions: 63 x 42 x 47 mm
Weight: 52 g

Package contents:
  • LED display
  • mounting accessories

This display is not compatible with EVBIKE 1000W (Bafang BBS-HD) engines. The current software in the engine can not communicate with the display. You can use the programming service to make your 1000W motor compatible with this LED display. The service is charged with the amount of EUR 12 incl. VAT. Contact us

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LED Display E12 for EVBIKE central motor 36/48V - USB, Bluetooth LED display for central motors EVBIKE (36V and 48V versions). The display... 68.90$
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