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EVBIKE Set motor with rim 28" Front drive with battery 36V/13Ah to frame

Manufacturer: EVBIKE
Art.#: SET-M28F-36V13A
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This set is fully complete and for its functionality is no need for additional accessories.

The kit for conversion of a bike into an electric bike with an innovated control unit supporting voltage of 36 and 48 V. As a new feature the unit can read the data about speed and reached distance directly from the engine and thus the kit no longer contains a speed sensor - the assembly is thus easier and better arranged.

The 500W engine version connected with a 36 V battery is a favorite and economic variant of an electric drive for your bike. Thanks to high torque of a powerful engine it is possible to ride on the bike even in the accelerator mode. The engine is maintenance-free and thanks to its robust design it can be significantly overloaded without any damage.

The advantages of EVBIKE kit
  • programmable rotary accelerator (6 modes, including EPAC up to 6 km/h
  • multi-functional, backlit LCD display showing except ride data the energy consumption (W) and battery voltage (V), has the function of cruise control, walk assistance etc…
  • cruise control activation or deactivation
  • L+R brake lever e-brake with a switch that allows immediate disabling the engine or control recuperation of braking energy, turning recuperation off or on by the brake lever
  • real reach with the 468Wh (13Ah) battery up to 100 km
  • conversion variability (bikes, scooter, tricycle)
  • maintenance-free, robust and durable engine design
  • possibility to restring into the rim (20-28")
  • walk assistance function (6 km/h)

Contents of the box:
  • the engine with the wheel wiring in the 28" rim
  • battery 36v 13Ah to rim with holder
  • charger 42V 2A
  • LCD display with control
  • programmable control unit
  • L+R brake lever with a disconnector
  • throttle accelerator
  • main cable bundle
  • pedal assistant

Battery characteristics:
  • Composition of the cells: Lithium (Li-ion) 3.7 V, 2600 mAh
  • Battery capacity: 13Ah (468 Wh)
  • Number of ordinary cycles: 600 (drop of capacity by 30%
  • Estimated lifetime: 2 to 5 years based on usage
  • Without the memory effect: yes
  • Protective BMS module against discharge: yes
  • Charge indicator: yes, indicating in 4 degrees
  • Theft protection: yes, lock
  • Case material: Aluminum alloy / plastic
  • Size: 46 x 16 x 50 cm
  • Weight of battery including holder: 5,6 kg

Motor parameters:
  • Performance: 500/750 W
  • Voltage: 36V/48V
  • Rim Size: 28"
  • Drive: front
  • Motor size: 205 x 27 mm
  • Number of permanent magnets: 46
  • Size of permanent magnets: 27 x 13.7 x 3 mm
  • Maximum rider weight for standard spokes: <100 kg
  • Motor weight: 6.6 kg

  • We recommend the use of non-slip ratchet.

    Kit weight 1.3 kg
    Motor with the wheel wiring weight 6.6 kg

    The kit meets the reduction of maximum speed up to 25 km/h. The reduction of maximum speed up to 25 km/h can be switched off and set up to 60 km/h (off the roads)

    Motor power (W) 500
    Drive wheel Front wheel
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    Set motor with rim 28" Front drive with battery 36V/13Ah to frame 567.68$
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