Torque central axis system (250W,36V), display, battery 36V15,6Ah frame type

Manufacturer: EVBIKE
Art.#: EVB-CMS-T-16A-S
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EVBIKE Conversion Kits are prepackaged sets of components designed to fit on a normal bike and convert it into an Electric Bike. EVBIKE kit includes everything you need.
The central kit excels especially by its light weight and simple installation.The motor assembly is done to the centre of frame instead of pedal. The motor installed in the center of frame, results in optimum center of gravity without limiting riding qualities. The engine is designed for hub axis of 68 - 72 mm.

Torque Sensor Benefits:

Thanks to the torque sensor you save the battery. The engine recognizes the pedal pedaling force along with the assisted mode, and the more you push the pedals, the more power the engine assists.

Very light motor (only 3.6 kg)
Motor with power 250W
Torque 50 Nm (peak 80 Nm)
Quality and well arranged connector cables with IP67 (splashing water and dust)
Multi-functional, programmable, backlit LCD display showing battery state, ride data, etc.,.
Possibility to easily change the intensity of pedaling assistance OFF - ECO - TOUR - SPEED - TURBO
Control unit, pedal assistant and engine is a part of one case (all in one)
Possibility to install on 99% of bikes manufactured in serial production
Very easy installation

LDC function :

4 assist function (ECO - TOUR - SPEED - TURBO) and OFF
battery status
actual speed
average speed
actual distance TRIP
total distanceODO
ride time

Contents of the box:
Motor 36 V, 250W with torque sensor
LCD dispay with remote
speed sensor with magnet, Battery 48V, 13Ah
Charger 5A
L+R pedal crank
Gear with 42 cogs with a protective cover
L+R pedal crank
special assembly key (M33)
assembly material (screws and nuts)
Maximal speed (km/h) 25
Range (km) 140
Nominal Voltage (V) 36
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Torque central axis system (250W,36V), display, battery 36V15,6Ah frame type 1,024.80$
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