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GWL/Power EVSE kit for EV charging station/cable

Manufacturer: GWL/Power
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Using this kit you can make your own IEC 62196 (simplified) charging station for electric vehicles.

We have developed a board based on PIC microcontroller which is able to generate 1kHz PWM signal, detect the vehicle and control the relay. It is also possible to adjust PWM width for current regulation. The board is small enough to be installed directly into J1772 Yazaki connector.

Current regulation using a potentiometer

Currently we are preparing a guide how to make 32A 3-phase EVSE based on this kit and IEC 62196 connector (Mennekes). If you are interested please let us know.

Please check the details about the EVSE project here:

See also the EVSE section at GWL/Power blog

If you wish to buy a complete product see the EVCharge product section

This kit includes following parts:

  • simple EVSE printed circuit board
  • 230VAC to 12V DC power supply
  • 12V DC relay 230V/16A

To make your own charging station you will also need some soldering skills, wires, outdoor box and also a propper connector (Yazaki, Mennekes...)!

Here is an example use of this kit:

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EVSE kit for EV charging station/cable Using this kit you can make your own IEC 62196 (simplified) charging station... 48.40$
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