YC1000: Solar Micro Inverter Grid-tied DC/AC 1000W, 3phase, 230/400V CE

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1000W three phase solar microinverter for direct energy conversion from solar panels to AC 230V/400V grid. Four independent MPPT inputs for up to 310Wp solar panels save your costs for solar instalation.

The high power (up to 1000W) rated version of the 3-phase microinverter is great solution for long life and efficiency solar instalations.

The extra improvements of the 1000W microinverter :

Four independent MPPT inputs for 4 solar panels safe the maximum power even in case of shading one solar panel. The output power is balanced to each phase by same value.

Easy installation – simple for everyone

Input form solar panels – connect directly to the microinverter by MC4 connectors. The AC output – connect directly to the the AC 230/400V 3-phase grid.


The main advantages

  • Maximum power production from each panel
  • MPPT efficiency greater than 99.5%
  • Solves the problem of PV panel performance drops due to dirt, debris, and shading
  • Low DC input voltage, resulting in safe installation
  • No high DC voltage inside your home or company.
  • Fully outdoor design for roof installation
  • Multiple inverters in a string: No single point of system failure
  • Simplified PV system design & installation
  • PLUS: Study more technical details

SUPPORT: Microinverters (AC micro inverters) - Frequently Asked Questions

Revolutionary solution for Solar systems installation

MicroInverter – the complete power station in miniature design. A simple installation with a minimal maintenance. One panel – one microinverter. More inverters can be joined together into a string. Fully modular system.

Effective and easy solution for independent energy production online with the standard AC Grid. An ideal solution for lowering energy consumption and reducing your electricity bills.

STUDY: The MicroInverter can be used for all grid-tied solar applications.

A complete solution

Slow down your electricity meter! (by lowering power consumption).

This MicroInverter is designed for direct connection with solar panels. The micro inverter’s output is connected to the electric Grid system anywhere in your home, office or company. All energy collected from the solar panels is directly taken to AC grid for immediate use.

Be GridFree! The microinverters are ideal for the GridFree installations, where all energy is consumed and there is no feeding of the energy to the Grid. With MicroInverters the whole solar system is scalable (by connecting more MicroInverters) and can be easily expanded at any time by adding more panels with MicroInverters.

Complete protection for each microinverter

  • Over/ Under Voltage Protection
  • Over/ Under Frequency Protection
  • Anti-Islanding Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Reverse DC Polarity Protection
  • Overload Protection

Electric parameters of MicroInverter DC-AC 1000W

  • Recommended input DC Power: 4 x 250Wp (up to 310Wp)
  • Max. Voltage without load: 60V (Voc of module)
  • MPPT voltage: 16-55V
  • Max. Input current: 10.5A x 4

Output (AC)

  • Nominal AC power @ 25°C: 1000W
  • Nominal AC current: 3x 1,3A
  • Nominal voltage: 3x230V
  • Frequency of grid: 50Hz
  • Max. Permanent input current: 4x 14,8 A/li>
  • Operational Efficiency: 95%
  • Connection: Three phase AC 230V
  • Separation: high frequency transformer – 230V. The AC grid is completely galvanic separated from DC input
  • Maximum amount of micronverters in string: 12 pcs (at 20A breaker)
  • Compliance: EN 62109-1; EN 62109-2;EN61000-6-1; EN61000-6-2; EN61000-6-3; EN61000-6-4
  • Grid Connection Compliance: EN50438

Microinverter GF-YC1000 is equiped by ZigBee wireless modul for communication with monitoring unit ECU-3Z.

Get support Microinverters (AC micro inverters) - Frequently Asked Questions.

Weight (kg) 2,2
Output power (V) 230
Input voltage (V) 22V - 45 V
Height (mm) 221
Width (mm) 167
Depth (mm) 294
YC1000: Solar Micro Inverter Grid-tied DC/AC 1000W, 3phase, 230/400V CE 1000W three phase solar microinverter for direct energy conversion from solar... 347.19$
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