Historical trolleybuses with LiFePO4 batteries

Main coordinator of the project is Mr. Jiří Kovář, director of The Gallery and Muzeum of České Velenice, who managed to engage a lot of enthusiastic experts and for the electro-technical instalation called company PROFESS s. r. o..

Omnibus Keighley 1911:

Mr. Kovář and his team work actualy (2018-2019) on historical trolleybus Keighley 1911, which will ride in The Great Britain.

By the words of Mr. Kovář and his team:

„Vehicle which we talking about, we call trolley-bus, but by his construction, it is categorized like a electro-bus (in historical times "Omnibus").“

„Main Motive, next to decrese of expense on electricicated trackline, was to avoid of a "railway vehicle" status, which would be very problematic..., if even possible."

„Key factors for battery choice was - WEIGHT (3times lower than Pb), DIMENSIONS (30% less than Pb), AVAILABILITY AND PRICE"

"For that reasons we choose technology LiFePO4, which is tested, reliable, safety, available and long-time tested“

Omnibus TMG 1907:

Keighley 1911 is not a first vehicle on which they worked!

„In year 2016 we managed a restauration of trolley-bus TMG 1907 for The Muzeum České Velenice it self, which is connected to the first Trolley-bus(Omnibus) railway in Europe.“

„Authentic and functional replica of this unique vehicle was completed in year 2016 and on the 100.year jubileum of the original trackway closure.“

„First oficial ride was 21. July 2016 and since than we haven´t seen any decrease of power."

"If you don´t believe, you can ride after reservation HERE."

On the build and operation of this original troley-buses worked firm Lohner, Porsche and Stoll and their production was coupled under french enterprise Mercédés-Electrique. And in that times, all vehicles and equipment for trolley-buses, were called Mercédes-Electrique-Stoll in general. This conception were first used right here in Gmünd and happened to be inspiration for next locations in Austrian Monarchy (mainly in Weidling in y. 1908, Víen in y. 1909 a České Budějovice also in y. 1909).

If even "you" are standing in front of a limited availability of equipment, standards, regulations, or some restrictions, consider if it can be managed by LiFePO4 baterie. Bateries systems can be modifide on low voltage and therefore most of the regulations of a “large” wiring do not apply to it. Also, there are far more available components for them.

Don´t fight with offices, regulations or restrictions... avoid it with technological inovations!!!
Lithium iron fosfate cell technology is one of the most important inovation in industrial energetical engeneering in the last 25 years!

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