Li-Pol Battery Cell - 3.7V 10AH (9759156-10AH)

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Art.#: GB-LPO-010AHP
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Rechargeable prismatic pouch special cell 3.7V Li-Ion Polymer for building battery packs where the lightweight is the main condition.
The capacity of cell depends on used charging and discharging rates:
  • 10Ah at 2A
  • 9Ah at 10A
  • 7Ah at 50A
This cell use Li-ion Polymer technology with high energy density 171Wh/kg and allows to built lightweight battery packs suitable for aircraft, toys, handheld and other similar applications.

  • 50A discharging curent rate
  • 10A charging current rate
  • Thin design suitable for complete battery packs
  • The cycle life at 1C/1C charging and discharging current rates over 500 cycles
  • Working voltage from 3 V to 4.2 V
Lifespan test:


There is no capacity degradation even after 50 cycles it means 10% of nominal lifespan. The capacity peaks are based on higher ambient tempearutute. The tests were provided in ambient temperature range from 12°C to 22°C.

Details from measuring of 5 cycles



Mechanical connecton, ultrasonic welding or spot welding is recommended to connect cells together or with other parts of the pack.
Soldering of cells is possible but not recommended due to risk of demage of the cell by improper soldering.
Cycle life 500
Weight (kg) 0.210
Height (mm) 157
Width (mm) 59.5
Depth (mm) 9.8
Nominal Voltage (V) 3.7
Capacity (Ah) 10
Max discharge current (A) 50
Optimal discharge current (A) 5
Max charging current (A) 10
Optimal charging current (A) 5
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Li-Pol Battery Cell - 3.7V 10AH (9759156-10AH) Rechargeable prismatic pouch special cell 3.7V Li-Ion Polymer for building... 24.20$
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