Lokomotive LEA-002 Romania

Company AcelorMittal use our battery cells ThunderSky Winston for a build of electric locomotives, which works as a manipulation machine for moving raw ore in quarry. Battery locomotives replaced conventional diesel or electrical, but connected to wire.

LEA-002 works since year 2015 and it is second autonomous battery locomotive in Romania with our Winston cells.

LEA-002 Romania:
Basic specifications:
Weight: 70t
Maximal drag-carry: 2500kg
Maximal speed: 30km/h
Operating hours: 12-24hours
Charging time 20-80%: cca 2h. charging sourc: 3x 400V
Locomotive can be equiped with generator for hybrid works

Lokomotive LEA-002 passing all basic demands of romanian railway companies on modernisation and development. Respectively demands on efectiveness and running costs and also on Railway Technical Approval for the critical railway service.

Electric locomotive with accumulators was built for a moving vagons in quarries and mines. Maximum weight of load is 2500 tons, operable with maximal speed of 30km/h. Energy is managed with Li-ion cells (LiFePO4 technology). Operation time of 100% charger LEA-002 is 12-24 hours. Baterries are charged by an external source 3x400V 50Hz and it is charged 20-80% SoC in two hours!

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