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Current Monitoring Relay, AC 0.1A - 1A, CE

Current Monitoring Relay, AC 0.1A - 1A, CE
Manufacturer: GWL/Power
Art.#: PRI-51-1
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The monitoring relay PRI-51-1 is designed to monitor current levels in single phase AC circuits, to detect current overflow to allow switching of the equipment. Recommended for GridFree installations. It allows simple adjustment of the release current.

PRI-51-1 product information

Example of application: the output relay is off in normal state. In case the target current level is reached, the relay switches on.

The relay PRI-51-1 can be used to protect against overflows energy from solar systems (GridFree) into the grid by disconnecting the micro-inverters when the consumption is lower then selected value.

The relay PRI-51-1 is easily adjusted by potentiometer in the range from 0.1 to 1 Amp (AC), so it is suitable for measuring of devices with power rating from to 23 W to 230 W. The measured current is only for AC (at a voltage of 230 VAC). For higher current ratings, the current relay PRI-32 should be used.

Example: The current value is set by the formula: power/voltage.

The building has permanent consumption 80 W and the relay will be installed on home wiring 230 V: 80/230 = 0.35. The current relay will be set to value 0.35.

Power supply AC 24 - 240 V or DC 24 V (galvanic separation from measured circuit)

Output contact: 1x changeover/SPDT 8 A, clamp connecting terminals

DIN rail mountable (single position)

Details of the connection of the current relay

Using the current relay win GridFree installation

See details at GWL/Blog.

Study more about GridFree at EV-POWER.EU and at GWL/Blog.

Another GridFree installation example

See more details at GWL/Blog.

Weight (kg) 0,058
Output power (V) 240
Input voltage (V) 240
Height (mm) 90
Width (mm) 17,6
Depth (mm) 64
Max. input current (A) 8
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Current Monitoring Relay, AC 0.1A - 1A, CE The monitoring relay PRI-51-1 is designed to monitor current levels in single... 29.52$
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