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OnlineTechnology Monitoring module SDS MICRO DIN E R2, 2x relay, LAN, PWM output, 3x OPTO input

Manufacturer: OnlineTechnology
Art.#: SDS-M-DE-R2
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Highly reliable monitoring and control SDS MICRO PLC module. The module allows metering of electricity, gas or water. Furthermore, the monitoring of temperature and humidity. Viewing experience online, and much more.
The SDS module means Network monitoring System. What is so special about our devices? Firstly, it is the price, quality, plug and play work, and most importantly the ability to run a user script (simple PLC program).

Model SDS MICRO DIN E R2 is assembled in this configuration:
  • DIN rail 6M, ABS
  • 2x controllable relay 12V
  • 1x LAN input for module management
  • web thermometer (up to 16 sensors DS18B20)
  • 4x analog voltage input 0-30V dc *
  • 4x humidity sensor *
  • 1x digital output D0
  • 1x PWM output
  • 3x OPTO input for S0 pulse counter (electricity, water and gas meter)
* humidity sensor and voltage inputs are connected to the same terminals, it can be used up as: 2x analog inputs and 2 humidity sensor

* module is not equipped with relay,module have outputs only (switched BSS138) intended for switching external relay coil (or other loads that can be safely switched using BSS138). When connecting an external relay is needed to bridge the coil suppression diode.

The sensors are not included.

SDS module includes a web interface, which can be accessed from anywhere. It is available on PC, smartphones, tablets or smartTVs. User friendly web environment help you manage your household. SDS module supports a variety of communications protocols used for retrieving information (HTML, XML, TXT, SNMP, etc.). Among other things, allows you to upload your own HTML page designed just for reading the information directly on the web. If you have the knowledge of C programming language, you can program the behavior of the module through SDS-C program according to your needs and creativity. Thanks to SDS module allows you to automate some processes, such as cooling, heating, and others.

The module is fully functional without using a PC. The power adapter can be connected to the ARK terminal on the module. We recommend using supply 12-30V AC/DC from our offer.
Power Supplies

Administration functions:
  • settings and status of all inputs and outputs
  • arranged graphs on the consumption and cost of monitored variables
  • display instantaneous power
  • IP watchdog
  • data export
Specification of integrated relay:
Electro magnetic relays with DC coil
U 12 V
R 1028 Ohm
P 0.14 W
Type of contact: 1x changeover
Max. current 2 A
Time Operate / release 6/4 ms
LAN port 1 x RJ45 10/100 Mbps
Power supply (V) 12-30
Weight (kg) 0,24
Height (mm) 57
Width (mm) 103
Depth (mm) 85
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Monitoring module SDS MICRO DIN E R2, 2x relay, LAN, PWM output, 3x OPTO input Highly reliable monitoring and control SDS MICRO PLC module. The module... 88.56$
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