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Mr. Arbes's caravan

Mr. Arbes's caravan, Czech Republic

Mr. Arbes installed the GWL / Sunny-150P solar panel on his caravan to charge the 90 Ah battery and to power the caravan appliances. He is generous with praise with this solution, and he says: “everything works OK, even in case it is cloudy sky and the caravan is in the shadow of the grown tree. The panel gives 15V.“

Solar installation on a holiday cottage

Solar installation on a holiday cottage, Rusava, Czech Republic

The reference was provided by Mr. H. Kilian. He connected to the solar panels (which are located on the roof of his holiday cottage) both the LED lighting of his cottage and voltage DC-AC invertor 12V/220V, 500 W for occasional using a laptop. Alarm and 50 W compressor car refrigerator could be connected, too. The controller displays shows the current of about 3-4 A throughout the day. The battery status is all the time very good.

Kofi Kofi Truck

Kofi Kofi Truck

Company Kofi Kofi from the Czech Republic is our customer since 2011. It uses our batteries for the mobile coffee shops called “KOFI KOFI Trucks”. Nowadays it has been operating with fourteen pieces of these KOFI Trucks.

GridFree solar power plant on a family house

Tech specification

GridFree solar power plant on a family house - 1,5 kW. Installation of Mr. Robert G., in Nučice, Czech Republic. The panels are installed on a sloping roof with an angle of about 30 degrees and roof orientations to the south. The total peak power of the panels is 1880 Wp. Maximum output power of the whole system is 1500 W. The highest daily production in this month was 10,72 kWh (on 30th July 2017).

Macadam Theatre

Macadam Theatre

The other way of using our batteries. We provide the reference that has been sent from our customer, Mr. Nikolaus R., Hundheim, Germany. The photographs show the approach and solution used by Mr. Nikolaus of his mobil home Mercedes 308.

Installation of Mr. Hunka

Installation of Mr. Hunka

Our customer, Mr. Hunka (Czech Republic), has longer experience with solar panels and batteries. Currently he gets for his house 600 W from a wind mill and over 1.5 kW from solar panels. The gained energy is used to power home appliances that are usually working 24 hours a day.

"Our project interconnects top governmental institutions, leading experts and hand-picked, promising students to create a new generation of energy sufficient, off-grid housing and infrastructural solutions. GWL-Power and its products has been our vital partner in delivering state-of-the-art energy concepts to the public, for which we have consequently received an official UN Sustainability Award. Great team, great people, great products, highly recommended!"
Pavel Podruh, Czech Off-Grid Houses
"We have been very satisfied with your services. Your responsetime for the offer was short and the delivery very quick!"
Michael, Austria
"I have a very good experience with EV-Power. The communication was very swift,
I always got a response at most next day if not within hours. The products were on stock and delivered very fast. I yet to install those solar panels but I am sure I will be very happy once the setup is operational."
Csongor V., Hungary
"good prices, good stock availability, very good communication with sales departament oh, and paypal is a plus for me!!!"
Octavin B., Romania
"My delivery arrived today in good health. Very well packed! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I can recommend you to my colleagues."
Anders L., Sweden
"Cooperation is excellent. "
Stavros Maragoudakis, Greece
"my last delivery order was fast"
zahurali virani, Tanzania
"Very good. In all orders staff have cooperated via email to find the best value and most appropriate equipment"
James Bowe, Australia
"fast reaction on e-mail questions and orders."
J.W. Schut, Germany
"Good quality, good prices."
Rosenhahn, Germany
"We really enjoy cooperation with you, just positive experiences in the past. fast delivery, good availability etc."
Christian Schmidt, Germany
"fast shipping, good communication"
reynald patnugot, Philippines
"I find cooperation with you to be very good, quick reply, affordable prices."
Arne Natedal, Norway
"Traders have been very helpful. Great support."
Giampaolo Mancini, Italy
"Cooperation is perspective and interest."
Oleksiy, Ukraine
"We enjoy co-operation with you. Good availability and very fast response on any question and orders."
Sven, Germany
"Very reliable Company. Very fast delivery, outstanding cooperation and advices. And products are running fine. Many neighbors interested!"
Pascal L., France
"Fast reply taking into account all the requests. Delivery done without any problems."
Ali C., France
"Your site is well done: clear, complete and unambiguous! The prices are good and you sell to private citizen.

I personally was in Pragua at your shop . I found courtesy and professionality; the shop organization give the same feelings. It is my opinion that GWL-Power a very professional company."
Silvano B., Italy
"- we ordered goods because you have good quality of the products, good prices and very fast delivery
- the sales department of your company colaborate very good with us
- the shipping cost are very good"
Daniel M., Romania
"for few time we have contact, i feel the cooperation is good."
Jordi Soler, Spain
"I'm very satisfied with the cooperation till now.

Traders are very communicative people. Quick order processing. Quick shipment.

Very adaptive and helpfull."
Mauricio Culibrk, Slovenia
"Open communication. On time payments."
Lawrence, Hong Kong
"Thank you very much for your attention!

I'm fine, thanks, enduring the summer heat and a little confused with the charge of the batteries :-) But I am enormously grateful to the speed with which you have been contacted and sought solutions. THANK YOU!

I'm sorry I bothered you at the weekend and hope not to have disturbed you the day of rest. I thought you would answer me on Monday. I guess I'm so used to corporate malfunctions that when I come across a company like yours, I was totally surprised. CONGRATULATIONS!"
Manuel Martel O., Spain

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