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GWL POWER is a leading distributor of a LiFePO4 battery cells and photo-voltaic power-plants of all sizes and naturally,
The main partner of The Czech Sustainable Houses.

In the words of the founder Mr. Pavel Podruh:
“As a byproduct of all the activities, we have also started to develop own unique household battery storage along with a novel business model to support its existence. Moreover, a deep dynamic and replicable system for self-sustainable buildings is being developed.
Both these endeavors are explored in tight cooperation with GWL.
The aim is to trigger public demand for energy future based on renewables and help to make thee transition.”

Historical trolleybuses with LiFePO4 batteries

Historical trolleybuses with LiFePO4 batteries

Main coordinator of the project is Mr. Jiří Kovář, director of The Gallery and Muzeum of České Velenice, who managed to engage a lot of enthusiastic experts and for the electro-technical instalation called company PROFESS s. r. o..

Lokomotive LEA-002 Romania

Lokomotive LEA-002 Romania

GWL/Power has supplied sets of Winston Thunder Sky Battery cells to Arcelor-Mittal company for an installation in electric locomotives. These are used for the manipulation of machinery and the transportation of raw ore in quarries.

Kofi Kofi Trucks

Kofi Kofi Trucks

Company KOFI-KOFI s. r. o. is from Czech republic and it´s our customer from year 2011. They using our batteries LiFePO4 for mobile coffee shops called ,,KOFI-KOFI Trucks“. Nowadays they are already operating with a twenty-four of these Trucks assebled with our long lifetime batteries. We are happy for that we have been participating on this original idea and drove it success.

AGV Warehouse Upgrade

Li-technician statement: „Upgraded AGVs can go three shifts without charging, charge 60A(1C) and deliver higher power to motors than previous lead acid or a gel types."

They said about cooperation with us:
"Our project interconnects top governmental institutions, leading experts and hand-picked, promising students to create a new generation of energy sufficient, off-grid housing and infrastructural solutions. GWL-Power and its products has been our vital partner in delivering state-of-the-art energy concepts to the public, for which we have consequently received an official UN Sustainability Award. Great team, great people, great products, highly recommended!"
Pavel Podruh, Czech Off-Grid Houses
"We have been very satisfied with your services. Your responsetime for the offer was short and the delivery very quick!"
Michael, Austria
"I have a very good experience with EV-Power. The communication was very swift,
I always got a response at most next day if not within hours. The products were on stock and delivered very fast. I yet to install those solar panels but I am sure I will be very happy once the setup is operational."
Csongor V., Hungary
"good prices, good stock availability, very good communication with sales departament oh, and paypal is a plus for me!!!"
Octavin B., Romania
"My delivery arrived today in good health. Very well packed! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I can recommend you to my colleagues."
Anders L., Sweden
"Cooperation is excellent. "
Stavros Maragoudakis, Greece
"my last delivery order was fast"
zahurali virani, Tanzania
"Very good. In all orders staff have cooperated via email to find the best value and most appropriate equipment"
James Bowe, Australia

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