Solar panel Mono LG NeON R 360Wp (LG360Q1C-A5)

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The most efficient Monocrystalline PV modules - LG NeON® R 360W achieves 20.8% efficiency. Black frame, back contact (no busbars are visible), high power!

LG NeON® R is new powerful product with global top level performance. Applied new cell structure without electrodes on the front, LG NeON® R maximized the utilization of light and enhanced its reliability LG NeON® R demonstrates LG’s efforts to increase customer’s values beyond efficiency. It features enhanced warranty, durability, performance under real environment, and aesthetic design suitable for roofs.

The LG NeON® R is the new high-performance solar module from LG. Its aesthetic design and outstanding performance of up to 370 Wp is a valuable addition to any roof. The 60 cell solar module can endure a static front load up to 6,000Pa, has an expanded product warranty of 25 years and a once-again improved linear performance warranty.

You can rely on LG. We test our products with double the intensity specified in the IEC standard. This quality is valued by installers across Europe, which is why they have awarded our LG solar modules the Top Brand PV stamp of quality for the highest recommendationrates for the fourth time in a row.

The busbars on the new LG NeON® R were mounted on the rear of the cells to expose the entire front side to light and therefore generate more electricity. LG creates an innovative and aesthetic cell design by incorporating 30 rear-side busbars instead of the 3 or 4 standard busbars on the cell front, a revolutionary approach that guarantees outstanding module performance.

With reinforced frame design, LG NeON® R can endure a front load up to 6,000Pa (represents snow height of normal snow of more than 1.8 meters) and a rear load up to 5,400Pa (represents wind speed of up to 93 m/s, compare max. wind speed of Hurricane Katrina 2005 of max. 75 m/s).

Key features
Enhanced Performance Warranty
LG NeON® R has an enhanced performance warranty. After 25 years, LG NeON® R is guaranteed at least 88.4 % of initial performance.

Aesthetic Roof
LG NeON® R has been designed with aesthetics in mind: no electrode on the front that makes new product more aesthetic. LG NeON® R can increase the value of a property with its modern design.

Better Performance on a Sunny Day
LG NeON® R now performs better on a sunny days thanks to its improved temperature coefficient.

High Power Output
The LG NeON® R has been designed to significantly enhance its output making it efficient even in limited space.

Outstanding Durability
With its newly reinforced frame design, LG NeON® R can endure a front load up to 6,000Pa, and a rear load up to 5,400Pa.

25 Years Product Warranty
As well as the enhanced performance warranty, LG has extended the product warranty of the LG NeON® R from 15 years to 25 years.

Specific parameters can be easily find in the data sheet here: LG NeON® R - Data sheet

Weight (kg) 18,5
Connector T4 (MC4 compatible)
Peak power (Wp) 360
MPP voltage (V) 36,5
MPP current (A) 9,87
Voltage without load (V) 42,7
Short-circuit current (A) 10,79
Efficiency of solar panel (%) 20,8
Max. compressive load (Pa) 6000
Height (mm) 1700
Width (mm) 1016
Depth (mm) 40
Nominal Voltage (V) 36
Width of cell (mm) 161,7
Height of cell (mm) 161,7
Number of cells 60
Solar panel Mono LG NeON R 360Wp (LG360Q1C-A5) The most efficient Monocrystalline PV modules - LG NeON® R 360W achieves... 355.30$
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