Solar panel GWL/Sunny Flexible Mono 60 Wp (MPPT 18V)

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Category: Solar panels (PV module)
Art.#: GWL/Sunny-60M-F
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High performance lightweight and flexible monocrystalline solar panel GWL with 60 Wp under full sunlight suitable for applications with continuous power consumption up to 20 W. Suitable for small island systems, access points, etc.
Monocrystalline solar panel with high efficiency in full sunlight. Estimation of performance: This panel can deliver power about 20 W even in a partly cloudy sky and even when completely overcast rainy day it still supplies about 10% of its nominal power. If the panel is completely in the shade, you can count on about 5 % nominal power.

Easy Installation at all Positions
The great advantage of the flexible panel is its ability to adapt to the surface and it's definitely ideal for installation in caravans, boats and other areas to which the standard solar panels not to fit. The panel is very lightweight, and thanks to the reinforcement technology it is also relatively robust. It can be installed even on flat areas.

Operating suggestions
Panel 60Wp has a maximum voltage of 17.6 V.Multiple panels can be connected in series to work with higher voltage solutions. To maximize performance, we recommend using the panels with MPPT solar controller and in conjunction with LiFePO4 battery packs or MicroInverters. To improve the overall performance of multiple panels can be connected in series or in parallel and optimum performance is achieved with gradients from 45 to 90 degrees.

The connection box for attaching cables is on the front side of the panel. Solar panel includes connection cables with MC4 connectors. Cables length is 90cm.

Weight (kg) 0.93
Connector MC4
Peak power (Wp) 60
MPP voltage (V) 17,6
MPP current (A) 3,41
Voltage without load (V) 20,8
Short-circuit current (A) 3,65
Efficiency of solar panel (%) 19,2
Height (mm) 740
Width (mm) 540
Depth (mm) 3
Nominal Voltage (V) 12
Number of cells 64
Solar panel GWL/Sunny Flexible Mono 60 Wp (MPPT 18V) High performance lightweight and flexible monocrystalline solar panel GWL... 84.70$
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