Structure of technical support GWL Power

GWL Technical Support

Basic technical support

  Pre-Sale consultation
  Basic after sale support

Individual technical support

   Special support provided for your projects and questions covering any product from our offer.

Basic technical support of GWL Power

GWL Basic Support

The initial consultation and support is free.

Before you contact technical support we recommend to check required information on specialized websites:

Technical support of GWL Power (Knowledgebase)
Questions and answers for the most frequent requests.

Blog by GWL Power technicians
Detailed test results, connection diagrams, examples of installation and excessive amount of information for all products.

a) Pre-Sale support

Purchase of new technology and unknown product might be difficult. We understand this and offer help of experienced staff. We will be happy to help you with following:

  • Basic information about any product, to confirm whether it is the perfect choice for you.
  • Guide through available information in Datasheet, Blog and other places to complete your knowledge.
  • Recommend ideal parts to complete your project.
  • ... and many other basic requests.

b) Basic after sale support

You already purchased product, but cannot figure out how to make it work? Looking for field experience, useful tips of users? We can help with following:

  • We show you where to find necessary documentation and manuals.
  • Detailed guide through product setup (software, settings and more) to achieve perfectly working solution.
  • Actual installation tips, where to place the product, how to hold it in place, basic design choices.
  • ... and many other basic requests.

Mentioned consultation is usually shorter (15 minutes) communication. It is meant as basic support for our products. More complex solutions by your requests require paid technical support. We will always attempt to help you using the basic support. You will be informed if the paid support is required.

Individual technical support of GWL Power

GWL Individual Support

Individual support is meant for difficult and complex requests. This service is paid.

Use the experience of our specialized technical team, professionals with years of practise offer their knowledge and will help you to prepare working solution.

  • Balancing and protection of LiFePO4 cells/batteries
  • Initial charging of new cells/batteries
  • Complete project design including the choice of products from our offer.
  • ... and many other specific requests.

You can purchase the Individual support on our e-shop.

Minimal duration of this service is one hour and can be used by 15 minutes intervals. This is professional support for all our products.

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