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16. Feb 2018
You must charge the LiFePO4 before the first use!


You must charge before the first use!

We remind all users of the LFP cells and LP batteries that the cells and batteries MUST be charged to full voltage level BEFORE assembling into a pack and before starting to be used.

For the 3.2V cells, the full charge voltage level is 4.00V and the charging is described here.  For the 12V LP batteries the full charge voltage level is 16.00V. More details about the use of 12V batteries is here.

Even in simple installations, it is important to make the first charging. Example: when assembling a 48V pack using 4 pieces of 12V batteries, it is very important to charge all batteries to the same voltage (16V) before assembling the whole pack.  Only after the batteries have been balanced to the same voltage level, it is possible use them as a pack and to charge the whole pack together using the 48V charger.

Please remember:  FIRST CHARGE, THEN USE!

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