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GWL/Power GridFree: Kit of 2pcs of solar panel 270Wp + Microinverter 230V/500W

GridFree: Kit of 2pcs of solar panel 270Wp + Microinverter 230V/500W
Manufacturer: GWL/Power
Art.#: GF-KIT500-2P
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Special promotion product contains 2x 270Wp and microinverter 230V/500W. Very efficient and easy way how to connect your own power production system with normal network connectivity. The best way to reduce electricity cost. Slow down your energy meter!

Kit includes:

Kit do not includes:
  • any AC cabling for connection of a single or more units of microinventors ot the grid.
  • any system for preventing grid over-flows or managing power production. For more info contact us at

Revolutionary solution for Solar systems installation

MicroInverter – complete power station in miniature design. Simple installation with minimal maintenance. Full modular system.

Effective and easy solution for independed energy production which maintain connection to standard electric grid. Ideal solution to lower electricity bills. Slow down your electricity meter! (by lowering power consumption).

This MicroInverter is meant for direct connection with Solar panels, outputs are to electric Grid system anywhere in your home. All energy from Solar panels is directly taken to Grid for immediate use. It is important to design your Solar system to have slightly lower power generation then your entire home consumption. This ensure your produced energy is always preferred over standard Grid energy.

Be GridFree! Whole system is scalable (connecting more MicroInverters) and produced power is easily maintained by Current relays. This can prevent unwanted/unused energy feed to standard Grid.

Advantages of MicroInverter:

  • Long lifetime and reliability, up to 30 years.
  • Increase of total power generated (up to 16% more)
  • Lesser loss of energy by using shielded cables
  • Protection against dust and pollution
  • Simple design with easy installation
  • Absolute safety, system using low voltage
  • Complete internet monitoring
  • Support for European countries - meets the EN50438 and VDE-N-4105

Your GridFree system can be monitored (in case of used micro inverters YC500T) by GridFree YC500 monitoring gateway ECU. For installation of solar panels ontop of your roof, check kathegory Solar Accessories. If you are looking for a way how to connect power output of your system to your grid, you can use Outdoor cable 230V/25A, open end in case you want to connect only one micro inverter or Outdoor bus cable 230V/25A in case you want to connect more micro rinverters.

Do you want to know more about GridFree?

Study the GridFree related FAQ – frequently asked questions

Weight (kg) 38,2
Output power (W) 500
Output power (V) 230
Max output current (A) 2,2
Shape of output voltage Pure sinus
GridFree: Kit of 2pcs of solar panel 270Wp + Microinverter 230V/500W Special promotion product contains 2x 270Wp and microinverter 230V/500W. Very... 427.08$
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