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09. Feb 2018
How does GWL/Power support the customer’s co-operation?

How does GWL/Power support the customer’s co-operation?

We always look for partners who are active in promoting and supporting the DC-power solutions. These partners are usually individuals and companies who are creating solutions with the DC power components. For example the installers of home energy storage solutions, solar panel installers, boat installers, people who convert cars to EV, companies and business that use the lithium batteries for their products, etc.

See the ideas we published in the past:

We are happy to support such partners by special pricing and favorable delivery and payment terms so that we can help to make bases for sustaining their business.  When our partners create information about their work, we are always pleased to support the co-operation by directing customers to our partners.

What can you do in next 7 days to support the co-operation?

  • Do you have any project that you realized in the past? Make photos and create a brief report about your project and the components used. 
  • Publish the details about your project at a public web page.
  • Promote your work by linking your article at discussion forums and at comment sections at other web pages.
  • Share links with GWL: Make a link (or more links) from your page to GWL/Power page to show your customers the GWL/Power products that you use in your solutions.
  • Let GWL/Power team know about the work you do. We will be happy to share the link to your with other customers.
  • If you have a new project on your mind, put your project from your head to writing. Publish your ideas and let the world know what you wish to do.
  • If you have a demand for components or solutions, be sure to talk to GWL/Power team to help you.
  • If you have some technical issues or questions, talk to our specialists to provide the help for you. We answer many technical questions every day and we will be glad to assist you as well.

What is your next step right now?

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