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Charging individual cells using the regulated (laboratory) power supply

Regulated laboratory charger


Charging individual cells using the regulated (laboratory) power supply

Many of the laboratory power supplies allow charging of the individual cells. Using such a regulated power supply is a suitable method for performing the initial charging or for the balancing of a single cell in a battery pack (by means of charging to a fixed voltage level).

There are usually 3 steps to follow:  1) set the target voltage (open voltage) – without the connection of the battery (3.65 at the picture), 2) start charging and set the current to be used (3.0 A at the picture), 3) when the charger reaches the target voltage – it usually starts to reduce the charging current until a low value. (3.66 V reached at 0.04A). It is a time to stop charging and disconnecting the charger.

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