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Our 10 years of Lithium Iron Phosphate experience shared within thousands of articles, hundrends of tests and examples.


A combined Energy solution - Alfons container

Alfons solution Alfons container

Alfons container Alfons container

A combined Energy Solution - Alfons Container

GWL/Power supplied the Winston Battery cells for the integrated hybrid energy solution called “Container Alfons”.  This solution integrates the energy from three sources - solar, wind and a backup diesel generator.

Be sure to contact GWL/Power for more details and for the reference to this and similar projects. 

How do I get a 230V power from solar panels in the island system.

For operation WITHOUT GRID, you need the OFF-GRID inverters.

The OFF-GRID inverters are also called the DC/AC inverters,

they convertert the energy from battery to the 230V AC power.

The off-grid inverters cannot be connected with the Grid.

For the DC/AC products, please see here:

See also the support information here:


For charging the battery from the solar panel, the solar regulator you need.

See the description in the thread:  Solar Regulators/Chargers (MPPT, PWM)


How to make small island power system

Making your own island power system is not difficult. It is necessary to fit all the components together properly within manufacturers specification. We have divided this issue into three basic tasks:

First task it so fit the solar regulator and solar panel

MPPT solar regulator 12/24V tracer 10a, input 100v (TR-1210rn) is very suitable for single 240Wp solar panel by the maximum input power capability.

Maximum input power of TR-1210rn is 260W if 24V battery is used. This almost matches maximum power of selected Schutten 240Wp panel, which is 240W peak. Selected regulator and solar panel are perfect match. 

For areas with not so perfect solar conditions it is possible to connect more solar panels. Both serial and parallel connection is possible. Please see attached schema.

If 240Wp panel in not ideal conditions supplies for example 60W under normal sunlight, it is possible to connect more panels in parallel. Maximum PV power 260W / 60 = 4 solar panels in parallel

Solar Tracer regulator TR-1210rn allows input up to 100V.
Open circuit voltage of selected Schutten 240Wp panel is 29.9V. 100 / 29.9 = 3 solar panels in series

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I need around 9kw offgrid system with around 20 solar panels. What equipment I need?

We suggest solution described in attached schema.

We also suggest to devide the system by 3pcs of 3kW Inverters on 48V at input to reduce the input current.

There are following items in the system by attachment:

18x 290Wp solar panels

16x LiFePO4 cells for 48V battery pack

1x BMS123 OFFGRID to protect the cells
14x cell module
1x cell module IN
1x cell module OUT
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The 2500W DC-AC Invertor Detailed Photo

The 2500W DC-AC Invertor Detailed Photo

The back part with the DC input  (please note the cables to the battery are supplied with the invertor).

See current offer of AC-DC inverters.

The 2500W DC-AC Invertor Detailed Photo


The 2500W DC-AC Invertor Detailed Photo

The front part with the AC output (please note the EU socket and plug is supplied, can be used in all EU countries).

See current offer of AC-DC inverters.


12V DC to 230V AC invertors - 2500 W model



12V DC to 230V AC invertors - 2500 W model

Get the 230V AC output from a 12V battery

This 2500W model is suitable for any 230V power equipment up to 230V/10A. Great solution for mobile homes, camping, house-boats, campers, caravans, off-grid power solutions and many other applications.

The DC-AC Invertor - technical specification:

Input voltage: (DC) 10-15V (traction battery, car battery, LP battery)
Output voltage (AC): 230 V +-10%
Maximal output power: 2500 W
Max peak output power: 2800 W (10 seconds)
Max peak output power: 5000 W (surge 0,5 seconds)
Input current rating: 260A (@12V)
Stand-by consumption: bellow 2 A
Output AC form: linear modified (non-sinus)
Output frequency: 50Hz+-5%
Efficiency: better than 88 %
Low voltage protection sound warning: 11.5 V
Cut-off voltage (deep discharge): 10.5 V
Overheat protection: 60 deg C
Over voltage protection: 15 V
Overpower protection: 5000 W
Short circuit protection: electronic
Polarity protection: Yes (fused)
Fuse: set of 12V fuses inside the device
Dimensions: 420 / 75 / 200 mm
Weight without packing (netto): 4.5 kg
EU socket + plug supplied
EU market CE test approval

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