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14. Feb 2011
The Charging 12 pcs of 20Ah cells


The Charging 12 pcs of 20Ah cells

The initial charging of the number of cells. For charging we are using a laboratory power supply capable of 5V 100A. We set the nominal voltage for 3.8V and connect the cells.

These 12 cells in parallel make a big 3V 240AH cell together.

Warning: when charging in parallel, it is a MUST (!) to double check the correct polarity of the cells. Connecting a cell in reverse polarity will cause a dangerous short circuit that may result in a strong sparking. BE EXTREMELY CAREFULL (!).

Warning: we suggest to wear protective eye-glasses to avoid a possible damage to the eyes by sparks or melted metals in case an accident happens.

The Charging 12 pcs of 20Ah cells

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