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Our 10 years of Lithium Iron Phosphate experience shared within thousands of articles, hundrends of tests and examples.


Sailing Yacht with a 12V/200AH battery bank

A reference project for a battery bank on a sailing yacht using the 4x WB-LFP200AH cells for the board battery and the BMS123 Smart. The battery pack is charged from the on-board AC/DC charger (35 Amp) and the generator (up to 80 Amp).


 Sailing Yacht example   

Sailing Yacht example

Sailing Yatch example

Low priced cells on the market

Low priced cells on the market


Low priced cells on the market

Question: We have received a quote for a battery pack from a Chinese supplier. The quote is considerably lower than the price of the LFP cells on the market in Europe. Why is this so?

Answer: Yes, the pricing that is available from some suppliers in China is astonishingly low. Some offer only price as low as $0.50 to $0.60 per Ah. Of cause this “low” price creates a suspicion about the quality of the products.

We suggest customers should review these questions:

  • What is the original of the cells used in the pack? Are they new cells? Or are they some cells that were recalled from some projects and are now resold “as new”?  Can you verify the production date of the cells?
  • What is the brand and the specification of the cells used in the pack? What are the references of these products? How long has this type of the cells been on the market and what is the real customer experience?
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Using BMS to analyze the cell performance

BMS settings charge voltage


Why is the BMS needed for a LFP battery pack consisting of many cells?

Answer: The Battery Management System (BMS) allows you to monitor the battery pack operation. Since the battery consists of a serial string of many cells, you need to monitor each cell to prevent from deep discharge or over charge.  The BMS will give you information about the cell voltage levels and can issue warnings if there is a problem with any of the cells.

The BMS with balancing option will balance the cells (usually during charging) to make sure all cells have the same capacity (=voltage) levels.

The BMS also allows data logging so that you can see the history of the operation of the each cell in the battery. This way you can detect if there is any problem with one or more cells in the battery pack.

Maximal voltage during Initial charge of LiFePO4

Maximal voltage during Initial charge of LiFePO4

 I want to make the initial charge of all the LiFePO4 cells to the same maximal voltage level of 4.0V. How can I do that?


EDIT: This article gives the example of 4.00V charge level. The same information is to applied for charging to other voltage levels: e.g. 3.65V, 3.70V, 3.80V, 3.90V. Different voltage levels may be applied for initial charging based on the manufacturer specification.

ANSWER: The best way it to find a power supply or a charger that will charge to the 4.0V directly.  Another solution is to charge using the laboratory power supply or the regulated power supply that allows to set the final (maximal) voltage limit. We suggest to check with the local electronic components suppliers for these products.

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How does GWL/Power support the customer’s co-operation?

How does GWL/Power support the customer’s co-operation?

We always look for partners who are active in promoting and supporting the DC-power solutions. These partners are usually individuals and companies who are creating solutions with the DC power components. For example the installers of home energy storage solutions, solar panel installers, boat installers, people who convert cars to EV, companies and business that use the lithium batteries for their products, etc.

See the ideas we published in the past:

We are happy to support such partners by special pricing and favorable delivery and payment terms so that we can help to make bases for sustaining their business.  When our partners create information about their work, we are always pleased to support the co-operation by directing customers to our partners.

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History of LiFePO4 Winston technology

History of LiFePO4 technology

Difference between Winston Battery and other brands (1)

What is the primary difference between the Winston Battery LiFePO4 products and other brands that also offer prismatic cells?

1. Technology history

Thundersky Winston Battery

The Thunder Sky Winston Battery company was the originator of the large capacity technology for the prismatic cells. The technology was created by Mr. Winston Chung. By means of partnerships with several companies TS-WB transferred the production facilities to partner factories. However the core know-how and technology processes were retained by Mr. Winston Chung.

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A combined Energy solution - Alfons container

Alfons solution Alfons container

Alfons container Alfons container

A combined Energy Solution - Alfons Container

GWL/Power supplied the Winston Battery cells for the integrated hybrid energy solution called “Container Alfons”.  This solution integrates the energy from three sources - solar, wind and a backup diesel generator.

Be sure to contact GWL/Power for more details and for the reference to this and similar projects. 

Welcome in 2018

Best wishes in 2018

Welcome in 2018!

It is the 10th year of our battery related activities. We started in 2008 with the support LiFePO4 high power industrial cells.  We keep working after the 10 years and we keep building on our experience over the many years. 

Stay with us for more news and details. 

The GWL/Power team!

Operating temperature of LFP Cells

Temperature of cells

The temperature of the LFP cells

What is the operating temperature of the LFP cells?

The operating temperature of the LFP cells is based on the specification and the application.  There are several points to be clarified in this matter.  The first to clarify is the three different temperatures in relation to the batteries.

The ambient temperature

The ambient temperature is usually given as the air temperature of any environment where the batteries and related equipment are kept.  The ambient temperature is given at the specification of the cells.  It is also called the operation temperature.

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Packing of Sinopoly cells



The photos show the packing of the Sinopoly cells. The cells are packed in wooden boxes that meet the ADR safety regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. 

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