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09. Feb 2018
History of LiFePO4 Winston technology

Difference between Winston Battery and other brands (1)

What is the primary difference between the Winston Battery LiFePO4 products and other brands that also offer prismatic cells?

1. Technology history

Thundersky Winston Battery

The Thunder Sky Winston Battery company was the originator of the large capacity technology for the prismatic cells. The technology was created by Mr. Winston Chung. By means of partnerships with several companies TS-WB transferred the production facilities to partner factories. However the core know-how and technology processes were retained by Mr. Winston Chung.

Other brands

The other companies were originally partners of TS-WB. However the management of these companies decided to push out the share of TS-WB and become independent. As a result these companies only “blindly” duplicate the technology that was originally over-taken from TS-WB.  Even though these companies changed some technical details (e.g. material of the cases, types of terminals, etc) the original technology on the chemical level has not principally changed.


Thunder-sky Winston Battery is not only the original manufacturer of the large capacity LiFePO4 products, but the company also continues in the development of the products that other companies do not match.  

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