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16. Apr 2019
GWL Battery Abuse Test Station – Sneak peek


GWL/Power team is carrying out the LFP cell abuse tests. We have constructed the Battery Abuse Test Station that consists of following main parts:


1) Equipment table – the measuring equipment is installed here

2) Mechanical abuse location – a block of concrete to be used as a placing area to perform the mechanical abuse

3) Fire chamber – the test chamber for short circuit, overcharge other tests

4) Exhaust fumes piping – the fumes circulate in the pipes until the sediments from the fumes settle down in the horizontal pipe – they are used to analyze the health risks associated with the abuse tests


If you wish to know the results of our tests, follow us here or on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages where the results will be published soon...

GWL Battery Abuse Test Station – Sneak peek

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