Energy Storage solution

GWL POWER LTD. is distributor of parts for building energy storages in main. We recommend to use LiFePO4 cells for many advantages of LFP technology such as:

  • Long life time in thousands charging cycles
  • High energy density
  • Charging/Discharging currents up to 5C
  • Safety technology
  • Very low self-discharging
  • Efficiency over 97%

You can choose from wide range of capacities from manufacturers Winston, Sinopoly, CALB and other small or special cells.

There is also possible to use the newest LTO (Lithium Titanate) technology. The LTO adds to advantages of LFP technology next: Over 10,000 charging cycles and high charging/discharging currents up to 10C.

It is easy to make battery pack with Smart BMS123.
We offer simple way how to built your own LiFePO4 battery pack with BMS.

You can see recommended energy storages of our customers if you are searching for complete energy storage:

Basic specification:

Used cells:ZG-LFP20AH
Available capacities:   7kWh/14kWh/21kWh
Input/Output: 230VAC, 1 phase or 3 phase
Max. output power: 3.8kW
Indicative price: 1200 USD/kWh

Basic specification:

Used cells:LFP100AH
Available capacities:   5kWh
Input/Output: 48VDC
Max. output power: 9.6kW
Indicative price: 800 USD/kWh

Basic specification:

Used cells:LY-LTO-30AH
Available capacities:   2.2kWh/2.9kWh
Input/Output: 24VDC/230VAC
Max. output power: 4.5kW/6kW
Indicative price: 2000 USD/kWh


Basic specification:

Used cells: Variable, any Winston, CALB or Sinopoly
Available capacities:   from 3.5kW to 55kWh
Input/Output: Variable, standard is 24V
Max. output power: Based on capacity version
Indicative price: Based on specification, contact AutarcTech

Active BMS solution:
AutarcTech also offer stand alone version of their BMS system, modular for any project, any capacity and technology.
With internet-based remote monitoring you can observe the state of the battery and its single cells independently of the inverter. This enables early identification of problems, change of parameters and analysis of typical battery usage.
The system is capable of clustering, that is, several batteries with LiConnect can be connected parallel to increase capacity. Communication with the inverter via CAN is realized with a master module.


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