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GWL Answers: Lead or Lithium

GWL Answers: Lead or Lithium
Our short take on Lead and Lithium differences and why is Lithium becoming the mainstream.

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New LTO high performance cells

We have listed new LTO (Lithium–titanate) battery cells.
These cells have 40 Ah capacity (92 Wh) whish is very suitable for wide range of applications and it's nominal voltage is 2.3 V.
Main features:
  • Fast charging and discharging - max. charge/discharge rate 10C (this means 400 A)
  • Wide working temperature range - -50°C ~ 65°C
  • Long life time - over 30,000 cycles (with DoD 80%)
Check yourself the data sheet

New Winston shipment arrived

We have Winston shipments coming at least once a month. Yesterday, another 20 tons arrived. This is part of ongoing effort to bring you more LiFePO4 readily available in Prague.

You will see better availability in upcoming months and during 2019. But for now, we advice to act quickly, stock is going down fast.

See full offer of Winston cells.

GWL attended Czech fair ForArch 2018

We like to show LiFePO4 and Solar products to everyone, last week in Prague on major Czech fair focusing on modern energy solutions.

See photos and short video.

Our little idea, PowerBox was shown along with live water boiling using LiFePO4.

Updated security of our e-shop

Updated security of our e-shop
We value security of all information shared and provided at our e-shop.

Shortly, our SSL encrypted protection will be updated, changing from current GWL Power Ltd. (GB)

After the change, you will see certificate made on our company EVPower a.s. and picture of "lock" instead. The security of connection remains as before, this is just cosmetic change.
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