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Why use LiFePO4 batteries to start internal combustion engines?

Why use LiFePO4 batteries to start internal combustion engines?
Our demonstration of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery used in an ultra-lightweight airplane.
When choosing a starter battery for your caravan, boat or aircraft, you want it to be reliable. To start the engine even when the battery has not been recharged for a long time and when it is really cold.
We use the LFP in airplane since 2013

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Worldwide delivery in detail

Delivery to all countries in the world. Learn more about your country and the options available.
Shipping to the majority of European countries is within 4 working days, from small boxes to full truckload. Batteries are shipped in special packing for maximal safety of your order.

Complete list of shipping for all countries.

Choosing your Energy Storage System (Battery)

Choosing your Energy Storage System (Battery)
Important choice to make, do you purchase all-in-one solution for the simplicity and loose the control or use open system to remain in control of your battery?

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GWL Annual Report 2018

The Year 2018 is history, join us in a brief look back and see how we helped thousands of You to get yours new Lithium batteries and also a little sneak peek of things to come in 2019.

PDF file: GWL in 2018 and onwards

Want to see a bit more about our history? Learn more at About Us page where you may find all Annual Reports and details.

GWL Power USB flash drive

Do you like Winston design? You can buy ours little Winston battery like USB flash drive for everyday use. Miniature Winston cell on your keys always ready for use.

On USB flash drive is short video about us.
Capacity 8 GB
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