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21.Nov 2017
How often should I check my cells (or my battery pack)?


The answer depends on the type of application. See some examples.

1. Simple installations

Simple installations with one battery (12V) or with just a few cells do not need any special inspections. If you have a SMB to handle the protection of the pack, you can just monitor the voltage level. This kind of pack should be inspected once or two times in a year. Or perhaps each time after a longer pause in usage.  Note: do not forget to disconnect all electronics if not using the pack.  The pack should have a dual protection, as explained here.


2. Advanced installations

More advanced installations (typically with 8 cells and more) should be monitored regularly. It is recommended that the inspection of the pack is performed in these intervals (ie, after number of discharge / charge cycles):

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14.Nov 2017
The Sinopoly Battery Seminar


GWL/Power has organized a specialized seminar for the LiFePO4 battery technology. See the photos from The Sinopoly Battery Technology Training Seminar on 9th of March.

09.Nov 2017
EVMosquit is here!



he EVMosquit is a hybrid between an electric bike and scooter! Enjoy the comfort of the electric bike with the speed of the electric scooter. 

09.Nov 2017
EVMosquit at InterSolar 2017

We will be showing the EVMosquit at InterSolar 2017. Come to check with us at Intersolar 2017: Hall B2, Booth 459

If you want more details about EVMosquit now, please contact our technical department

09.Nov 2017
BMS123 Smart By Pass Voltage Settings

The BMS123 Smart supports both LFP (3.2V) technology and Li-Ion (3.7V) technology. The voltage of the cells is determined by the V-Bypass setting. The value between 3.4V and 3.7V is for the LFP cells. The values for the 4.0V to 4.3V are for the Li-Ion cells

09.Nov 2017
Determining the number of cells for a battery pack

Question:  I need a 100V DC pack. How many cells do I need (for LFP or for LTO)?

Answer: The above table shows the various configurations of the number of the cells and the voltage levels that will be reached with the configuration.

For a 100V pack, the typical installation will be based on serial connection of 32 cells of LFP or 40 cells of the LTO technology

09.Nov 2017
Determining the size of cells based on current and operation time

FAQ: Determining the size of cells based on current and operation time

Question:  I need a battery pack to supply 60 Amp continuously for 8 hours. What size of the battery do you recommend?

Answer: The above table shows the size of the battery packs (in Ah) based on the 100% DOD (depth of discharge) and 80% DOD. 

The 80% DOD cycle is typically used according to the specification of the manufacturer to reach the optimal life span (cycle life) of the battery pack.

For a pack running for 8 hours at 60 Amp, at 80% DOD, the capacity of the cells should be at least 600Ah.  

Tip: you can assemble the 600Ah cell using the 3x200Ah or 2x300Ah single cells in parallel

09.Nov 2017
High power cells at GWL/Power Booth at Intersolar / ESS 2017


For 8+ years, GWL/Power’s main focus is on the large industrial prismatic cells for energy storage, traction systems and all purpose applications. 

Together with our key supplier Thudersky Winston Battery, we were promoting the large capacity cells from 40AH to 1000AH

Did you not have chance to get more details at InterSolar? Do you wish to know more?  Be sure to contact us for more technical details, projects applications and solutions.

08.Nov 2017
GWL/Power battery pack demonstration

The simple solution for energy needs. A  2.2 kWh battery pack made from 8 cells (total 24V/90Ah), with BMS123 Smart installed. This is a basic component solution for further integration in customer projects. 

08.Nov 2017
Promotion of the ZG Cells at InterSolar/ESS 2017

GWL/Power has been promoting the small size cells ZG 20 AH and 60AH

These cells are suitable for high power applications with continuous currents of 3C to 5C. 

Be sure to follow with us for more details on the application of these cells.

08.Nov 2017
Winston Battery application

Example of the Winston Battery application. A 24V battery pack for telecom offgrid applications….  as visible at InterSolar (at a partner booth)

08.Nov 2017
GWL/Power and Winston Battery Booth at Intersolar/ESS 2017


The photos of the GWL/Power booth at Hall B2, Booth 459.  Together with our main partner ThunderSky Winston Battery, we have setup the booth in our favorite design. We have been using this design for last 3 years (2015, 2016, and now 2017). 

We thank to all of our customers, partners, old  and new friends to come to our booth. 

We are happy to be available to realize your DC power related projects.

07.Nov 2017
The GridFree inverters for the energy solutions


The GridFree inverters for the energy solutions

The 1000W and 2000W GridFree Smart inverters for energy self-generation. 


07.Nov 2017
Multiple terminals of the high power cells

The large capacity Winston cells 700AH, 1000AH are equipped with multiple terminals. All terminals are mutually connected and there is no difference between them.

The terminals of the small cells like 40AH, 60AH, 100AH, 160AH can be used for continuous loads with rating up to 100 Amp currents.  The larger terminals of the 200AH cells to 400AH cells can withstand some 300 to 400 Amp currents. 

Please note that for high power applications with currents above 100Amp (continuous) the cabling and connector mounting must be realized in a very precise way with corresponding load rating.  

For high power applications, with continuous load demands, it is recommended to use multiple terminals. This is the purpose of the multiple terminals on the large 700AH and 1000AH cells. 

In simple words: if you have continuous power rating more than 100 Amp, we always suggest using the multiple terminals.

07.Nov 2017
Warning of the Internet Frauds

We kindly remind the customers of the need to be very careful about some types of internet frauds related to payments and refunds.

In recent months GWL/Power has experienced some kind of attacks. Some hackers pretended to be the sales person of GWL and asked the customer to change the payment information to another account.   The hackers compromised the email account and sent faked emails and created faked modified order confirmations with a fake bank account.

We kindly ask all of our customers to take note of these illegal activities.   In case there is any change in payment details, it is always better to wait, resend the copy to more employees of GWL/Power and verify by phone, Skype or some other channels.

When making the payment, always verify the payment details as published on our web pages. 

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07.Nov 2017
LTO cells for industrial packs and solutions

GWL/Power is offering a variety of LTO technology based cells that allow to assemble the battery packs for special applications:

  • high speed charge and discharge
  • low temperature operations  (up to -35°C)
  • high temperature applications (up to +70°C)
  • extended life span of the cycle life:  4000 cycles at 1C and more

Be sure to contact the GWL/Power team with your demands for details on the LTO solution. 


07.Nov 2017
LTO cell specifications



Check the basic specifications and dimensions of the LTO cells now available for your projects. 

  • Very small capacities 0.1 to 1.3 Ah 
  • Middle capacities 3.4 Ah to 10Ah 
  • Large capacities up to 65Ah

We will be happy to supply these cells for your packs. Be sure to let us know what you need.

07.Nov 2017
LTO cell test results



The diagrams show the test results of the specifications of the LTO cells. 

  • Charge and discharge characteristics at different rates 
  • Discharge characteristics at different temperatures
  • Discharge characteristics measured in time scope

We will be happy to provide these cells for your applications. 

06.Nov 2017
The LTO customized pack solutions - life is easy!


The innovative LTO cells allow a simple and easy assembly into the packs. As a result any company or individual with basic skills in electronics is now able to produce the battery packs with excellent performance. There is no need to use the welding machines to fix the contact terminals to the cells.  

The LTO cells have the outstanding energy performance and mechanical safety. 

The LTO cells bring the energy solutions into a new level. 

The team of GWL/Power will be happy to assist you in your projects. 

03.Nov 2017
The world of the LTO technology


The world of the LTO technology 

The 2.4V high performance cells for your packs and battery applications.

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